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Welcome. Welcome. Well come on in and sit a spell! Visit ShadowWind Manor for tutorials, art, fun and more.


Because we value our privacy at home, I'm not going to say too much here about my personal life. Those that know me, already know probably too much about me. :) I am a programmer by trade and work for a company in Washington DC (even though I live in Florida). I've been programming almost as long (if not longer) than I've been doing art. In 1988 or so, I started drawing on the C-64 which only had 64 colors (of which only 4 could be used in a certain place). There was a program called Koala Paint that I used to draw simple images with. I dreamed then of getting a 24 bit board I saw in the magazines, even though it was $2400 and I didn't even know what computer they were for. Then I got the Amiga and DCTV. Millions of colors! Yeah! Though it had troubles, it was still awesome to work with and I have found few paint programs that work as well as that one did, though Painter is pretty close. Then I finally got the elusive 24 bit computer (the IBM compatible) and I was on my way, though I still miss the old days of Deluxe Paint and DCTV. I work in 2D and 3D with an emphasis on 2D. My work includes celebrity portraits, down home scenes, and fantasy. I also lean more toward family art so that I can show the kids, not because I have anything against the more adult works. My mediums include Poser, Bryce/Vue, Painter and Photoshop with a touch of LW (still learning on that one). Thanks so much for viewing this page and I hope you will enjoy my work. On behalf of the whole family, have a great day... Oh, and please remain seated until this page comes to a complete stop. Thank you...

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