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Digital Grey

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Symbolism is what is familar and yet unknown, the mundane becomes alien, nonsense becomes both meaningful and significant. See a world in a grain of sand.

"Digital Grey" is the name I go by online when displaying artwork, mostly on the web gallery Renderosity. I have worked as graphic designer previously, this was for a local printing company. While there I saw the incredible potential for graphics software and what it was possible to achieve. I emphasis the word potential, as I felt frustrated with the firm's refusal to push the boundaries. All too often layouts were repetitive and visually boring. Clients were left with sloppy sub standard clipart imagery and when the "big disc of clipart" failed it was time to image search google and flout legal and ethical guidelines. Time was never budgeted for the provision of orginal artwork and anything even slightly different or challenging was rejected. I felt I couldn't breathe creatively and as you can imagine I had altercations with the owner, so things ended badly. This is not a oppurtunity to vent my fustrations, it's just a bit of background on me as a designer. It is my sincere belief that shoddy design practises damage the industry in general and everyone who receives such work. Design or art for me is a labour of love and I sincerly believe that the end party should get the best result possible. Right now that one is out of the way, so what of me as a Individual? Well I won't bore you with detail here (hopefully). I am currently studying at Newry City Institute, (the course is called Foundation Degree in Interactive Multimedia). Which I am enjoying immensly. I suppose my drive core belief is in perstience, if you want something push for it, and push for it hard. Even when the world kicks you, and the world kicks hard. You just gotta get up and tell yourself it's worth it, even going to college was a victory of sorts. All i'm gonna say is some people stood in my way and I had to fight to be standing here. Anyway enough of all that, why don't you go to the gallery and explore further.

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