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I'm a bit of a shy person but I'm trying to get better at my "people skills" :)

Also, I don't play the "comment trading game" just so people know.. I comment on things I like or if I feel I have something to say.. I hope I don't come off as ungrateful because of that.. I AM very grateful if people take the time to comment and look at my images, but I feel people should comment on things they like, not just because they want a comment back.

I also very much appreciate the cool products I get sent to me and I do try to use them if I feel they fit in an image, however I make no promises and some of the stuff I get sent to me isn't really "my style" and if If force myself to make an image with them anyway, it would just end up a bad image and a bad representation of the product, which I really don't want to do :)




Usually I tend to go for a bit more of a Painted look in my images and some of them might not be super realistic but I'm trying to constantly improve on my style :)

I don't care much for the "ohhhh's and Ahhhh's" type of comments.. I'm flattered if you really do like my images.. But I'm also curious as to WHY you like it.. If you like it please tell me why..and if you don't like it I would also like to know why.. After all that is what makes us get better.. the real, Honest Feedback.. Thank you!

Proud to be featured on  (as Miyu)

Check it out!

  Recently it's been WoW and AoC stilling my gaming hunger where I play in Europe on Aggramar (wow) and on Crom (AoC).. Looking forward to the Release of Star Wars: The Old Republic next year aswell :)

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