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I Am Not An Artist

nagennif [Add Friend]

I love to play with graphics programs, but I'm actually a writer. Maybe a graphic artist, but I see myself as more of a director.

I have an idea... I write it in my mind (I think in words, not pictures). Then I hold a casting call, and characters show up. I audition Poser figures...different characters...more recently I've been making my own characters, rather than using prepackaged ones, but that's something I think anyone can do.

My talent, hopefully, is to get people to see things in ways they've never seen them. That's what my Warped Dreams comics, the pride of my artistic "career", are about. Inspired by Gary Larson's, The Far Side, I've endeavored to combine irony, surrealism, humor and the odd bad pun to make a statement about the state of the world today.

My wife, who IS an artist, tells me that I am one too, just using a different medium. But I've seen how she goes about creating something, and she puts so much more time and effort into each one of her paintings, that I can hardly put myself in that class.

I play around. I have fun. Sometimes, I make something entertaining.

I'd really like to get into illustrating some of my novels or short stories, in fact, I've started playing with it.

I hope you get time to browse through my gallery. If you want, send me a message...I don't bite...well, unless you ask nicely.

And I'll be browsing through galleries too, hoping to find unburied treasure.

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