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Voluptuous Latex And Vargas Style Ladies

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Name Cynthia Video Producer \Director Music videos for Much Music and  broadcast.

ARTISTIC INCLINATIONS:Voluptuous ladies, particularly latex clad super heroines,  Vargas style pinups and sci fi environments. I am fascinated with what these latex clad super heroines do off duty. Mwhaaaaaaaaaaa.
I started out doing music videos for indie bands for Canada's Much Music. Producing and directing music videos has always my passion. My video company has expanded into doing documentaries featuring some of Canada's First Nations Artists and media training for youth at risk.

  Inspired by the world's need to expand technology to combat global warming I have a new project i am working on using Poser. A  number of years ago I  filmed and documented a new technology called "The Breathing Wall". Studies conducted by Guleph University show that the  benefit of "The Breathing Wall" is it's ability to eliminate sick building syndrome by converting  toxins into pure oxygen. It consists of a massive rain forest installed inside of office buildings, corporate boardrooms and homes. "The Breathing Wall" is completely organic using plants, water and natural elements. Studies from Guleph University show the microorgasims on the root zones of the plants mutate 1 million times faster in the indoor hydroponic ecosystem than they do outside in soil. Once it recognizes a toxin rather than the toxin killing the plant, the microorganisms on the root zones convert the toxins into nutrient for the plants and feed it to the plants. The plants then produce, acording to the Guleph University studies, 90 times as much oxygen as they did prior to the mutation. There was a lot of funding for the project because the instruments surrounding the astronauts produce massive amounts of toxins. It is also apparent from psychological studies that  humans in space need the presence of nature, particulary the greenery around them. Otherwise long periods of time in space or on the moon could induce psychosis. "The Breathing Wall" is a viable solution to that problem. There was a lot of financial investment into the project. Due to a lot of copyright squabbling and legal difficulties, the technology has fallen through the cracks.  Luckily I still have all of the footage and interviews with the scientists who built it..          I would like to do a comic book type of story and video using Poser and lots of Super Heros to tell the story. I think that would be the best way to bring the technology to public view.       I chose the name LuLuLee because one of my favorites moves is "Fifth Element". I like the character LeeLu but I wanted it to be a bit more zany so I chose LuLuLee. I liked the rhythm of it.

Hope you have a creative day.

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