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Welcome to my Humble Page

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Remember always, my beloved......

Those in possession of abandoned dreams, will violently battle your own.

And how well I have learned that over the last couple of years.  Friends are not always friends, but rather come to you in cloaks of warmth and understanding, only to betray you with a whisper....saying things that hurt your real friends......or rather who you thought were your real friends. Just one misspoken word and a relationship of five or ten years crumbles as if there was never any love or trust involved, one choosing to believe the word of the one that had little consequence in their lives. No chance to talk, nor reason, just bitterness and presumption of guilt. One does have to chuckle at the absurdity of it all.  But life is a learning experience, so you  move on, find out that you aren't such a good judge of people after all.  Angry sometimes is a good place to be and helps in the healing process.

But I'm sure we know that betrayal is never a pretty thing......and never without consequences. As for myself, I'm a believer in karma, so I know I have nothing to fear.  I sleep very well at night and can look at myself in the mirror.  How others can, I really cannot say and often wonder how.

Watch for the raven that whispers in your ear.

I'm a self taught artist, love the digital, love Poser, it's a great jumping off place for me.I do book covers, CD covers, my art hangs in traditional galleries(that is such a kick for me)and I show at Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions, when I get the time and remember the deadlines (I'm terrible at deadlines)I also sometimes run artshows at those types of conventions.

 I used to be a merchant, but decided until I learn to model merchanting is no longer for me :) So maybe someday, until then I'm going to start putting the peddle to the medal on my artwork and see where it takes me.

My interests run to the horror/dark or gothic side, (oh yeah I was goth before goth was cool...I'm a romantic goth.) My favorite would be vampires....I find them a terribly romantic and tragic species.  I don't do cute too often, there are far more artists better at it then I :) Cute animals maybe, with a sinister twist but cute fairies are really hard for me.

My fantasy side runs to what some call "story telling art" I would say every piece I have completed that I deem "art" has a story behind it, and I love to listen to people look at my pieces and make up their own stories too, that's when you can tell that they are really into what you are doing and your thought process and sometimes, their stories are much better then mine LOL!!!

I've now ventured into jewelry making, custom and made to order. If you have a desire, stop by Mesa's Musings on Facebook...peruse the offerings, share the page with friends and hopefully you'll find something to take home  : )

Thanks for stopping by :)



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