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Shande est Ikata

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"Who we are - shines through in what we do" At my age you have only started to grow into your soul. I was brought to lite by a dere friend, and now it's time to shine. I have been having a rough past few months and the ppl on r'sity have been great to me. i hope my art work has pleased them as much as it pleased me. Let nothing stand in your way: you are your biggest obstical.

Me? Not much to say really. first things first - please excuse my spelling - even though i am first language english - the words still escape me when i am writing. And dislexia doesn't help either. My art is one of colour. I am blind in one eye, so colour is how i see things. I dont see shapes, just colour. I enjoy using pictures/collages. i find the blending and enchaning please me. I have had a weird life. medraught can vouch for me on that one. I am 22, seen every nightmare and come close to living every dream. I hope you like my art, i know it isn't very good but i like to try my best, and maybe i will get better with time. But it is my art, and i like it :)

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