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Rick (4F) van Koert

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Born 1964 in Amsterdam The Netherlands, freelancer since 1992, current specialities: Sharply dressed women in Science Fiction surroundings using Photoshop CS3 ext. and Cinema 4D r11.

C4D rocks!

I've started to work with Photoshop 2.0 on a Mac II LC early in the 1990's. Moved up to an Mac II FX and many many models later, I'm now behind a Mac Pro albeit its a bit old now since it was one of the first generation Mac Pro's. :(

I've used for more then a decade Photoshop 3.0, never upgraded it, though I tried out newer versions which I nearly immediately hated with a passion. I still use 3.0 from time to time (on a Powerbook G4), I don't need nor use all this new fancy sh*t (lol), I hate the way the controls currently are and from nearly rock stable, Photoshop has become a constant crashing nightmare. 
Then is Maxon's Cinema 4D a delight to use in comparison (yeah I know 2D/= 3D apples/= pears)^^

I've tried many 3D programs in the past from Strata with its horrible modeling tools, FormZ (I'm no auto cad-er), Electric Image Animation which complexity nearly made me jump out of a window, (crash crash) Vue (crash) with its horrible customer support (non existent I mean) to Bryce 3D which I spend using for a long time, until I slowly got more insight in C4D, though I must admit after all these years I'm still only scratching its surface.  

I run since 1998 a small membership site where people for a modest fee can download huge resolutions of my work or buy some of my posters or DVD's and download those directly to their HD at:

I've added since short a (very) small 3D library to my site with (for now) free models. Drop by one day maybe there's something to your liking there. :)




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