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snowflake [Add Friend]

Lacking of a good story to tell so i prefer not to bore you all to death with it.I have been quite busy so i haven`t been able to post any pics but now it is starting to coming. Life should be more interesting huh?Troubles and worries should disappear the same way like a dream vanishes into the thin air. But hey in real life the problem seems to returning like a bad dream over and over again. A neverending cycle.

Real name:Connie Gender:female(=_=) Age:unknown(o_0) Hobbies: drawing,surfing,reading,eating,sleeping,manga and anime. Location:somewhere on europe.where?secret? Dislike:Everything similar craptalking and religious things. Likes:friends and people who loves to share a good story with me. Future:It comes when it won`t help if you worry to death. Past:Deep,dark and hidden in the thick mist.almost forgotten. homepage: special. In other word:Iam walking on the thin line between darkness and light. favorite Artist:none yet.
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