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Hey, you! :D

Thought I may as well tell you a bit about myself - just because everyone seems to either tell you a bit about themselves or leaving their bio blank ...

My name is Tina and I hail from the western coasts of Australia. I live in a small town and trying to drive my husband crazy just because I can. He is a wonderful man - letting me work on Poser (MY ADDICTION!!!!!) and looks after our child.

When I was little - I love to draw and used to make my own book cover illustrations. I used to be able to draw birds pretty well in my primary class (ego boost here...) :D I did not find school a very pleasant place to be so I did not try to pursue in learning more about arts - so I would say that I am self taught in that sense.

It was around 2004 when I just lose all inspiration in drawing but need some kind of a creative outlet ... my husband told me about Poser and thought I would be interested in it ... and that more or less did it for me ... I love Poser and could not imagine my life without it.

When I do a poser render - I always want to do some form of postwork on it - I rarely leave the render as it is - I have to adjust things to make it look better ... that's just me and its not just to make it looking better - I am also a Photoshop addict ... (yes ... go on ... gasp!) :D

I do strongly believe that we will always be learning something new each day and that we all never stop learning. That is why I love getting constructive criticism concerning my gallery works. I may fix my image according to the criticism or I may not fix it because I would either - not agree with your perspective - or - I do not want to work on that image but I will keep that criticism in mind for the next image.
Although the "Wow - looks fantastic" comments are lovely and ego-boosting - but criticism in the constructive way is the only way that we can better ourselves.

I do also have a tendency to blather on and on so it is best if I stop of ... now! :)

Don't trip over potholes!

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