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Karistra Silverwood

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Well, what can  I say?  Art in its many shapes and forms has always interested me, and I've dabbled around in a little bit of everything.  My current passions are Poser, Photoshop, and costume making.  

I currently work in the heart of the retail jungle as lower-level management for a large pharmacutical chain. ( A ~ tilda ~ to you if you guess which one! :) )  All the stress and none of the perks you might say.   I don't have kids, so most of my free time is taken up by church activities, dabbling on the computer, or sleeping.  My curent goals are  to grow up a little bit more, get better at self-motivation, finish some large artistic projects and college, and get married sooner rather than later - not in that particular order.  (Also, to use commas whenever and wherever appropriate....and sometimes inappropriately too!   And yes, I do have a good guy that is taking up the potential husband role and has been in it for 9 years, so I'm not taking any bids to fill that spot in my life, thanks.;) )

Just from reading this, you've probably already guessed that my mind tends to work a little bit off the wall and hanging from the ceiling.  (Also, I probably shoudn't try to type personal things such as bios and blogs when I'm extreamly tired, caffinated, on a sugar rush, or any combination now.) 

All in all, I'd say I'm an interesting blend of Id evading Ego and trying to act like the 28 year old that I am only when the situation calls for it.;)  Feel free to poke around my blog (omg, I actually broke down and used the thing!)  and gallery.  There's not much there right now, but that will hopefully change soon!

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