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Kageboshi (pronounced kha-gay bow-she)

Kageboshi [Add Friend]

Thanks for visiting. My chosen programs for digital media are Poser 4 and PhotoShop. I'm no Poser purist. I do a lot of post-work in my pin-ups, and planned it that way before I even purchased the program. To me, Poser is like a digital sketchpad, to be finished in PhotoShop.

For as long as I can remember, I've been drawing. I was always admiring the works of great fantasy and pin-up artists like Vallejo, Brom, Sorayama, Olivia, Nagle, and Michael Whelan, to name a few. When I was younger, I really wanted to be a comic book artist, but when I realized I just wasn't good enough, I stopped drawing for years. About two years ago, I saw a Poser 4 box in a clearance bin at a software store, and decided to give it a try. I figured, let it do the basics, and I'll paint over it. Not long afterwards, my sister bought me PhotoShop for helping her and her family move 300 miles to a new city. I've not looked back since. With every new render, I try something new. Try to push my post-working skills a bit further. I'm halfway through my most ambitious project right now(which I'm taking a break from, at the moment), doing a reproduction of a Brom, with over 98% of the poser render painted over, and the entire background painted in. Currently, I am working on a custom character for Daz's Victoria. Having studied anatomy extensively for my traditional media artwork, I just don't like the way Vicky looks. She really isn't shaped very well to look like a real woman. with Kayla, I hope to correct some of that.

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