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IMPORTANT STUFF Some of you will not believe what I write below. Thatís okay. My Beliefs do not require you to. (as Morpheus said so well in the Matrix movies). I believe that God is the greatest artist ever. He has sculpted mountains and butterflies. Painted sunsets, autumn leaves, starry skies, and the iris of your eye that is reading these words. His mind composed the symphonies of crickets, whippoorwills, waterfalls, and bullfrogs. He choreographed the dance of snowflakes on winter evenings, raindrops on mountain lakes, clouds moving across halcyon heavens. He is the poet of the singing sands, the whispering wind, and the laughter of children. I believe the heart of an artist continuously fills up until it overflows in expression through song, poems, sculpture, story, pigment, design, choreography, and even contrasts. I believe that Godís artistís heart is constantly overflowing in expression. I believe that Godís overflow expressed itself in the creation of life made in His image Ė and whatever that phrase means, it is evident that part of its meaning is this: humanity was created by an artist and in His image mankind also has the heart of an artist Ė a heart that fills up, overflows, and must express itself. Thatís at least part of why we are here. Renderosity exists, at least partially, to provide artists with an outlet for the overflow of their hearts. Oh, and how we pour them out here. I have lurked in these electronic corridors for years, peeking in to your galleries and being touched, moved, inspired, and challenged by what you have expressed. I too am a child of the same expressive Father, and today I am beginning my Gallery. MOST IMPORTANT STUFF I believe that every good and perfect gift comes from Him and is part of His bounty expressed and offered to us. I believe that Godís greatest and most perfect gift was that of His Son, Jesus Christ. I believe the Godís greatest expression of that which most fills His heart, was His expression of Love in offering His Son through crucifixion. I encourage you to read for yourself how God expresses His thoughts on this in the book of John in the New Testament. If you are like most people you think you know the story and you wonít go read the book of John. But if you are like most people you donít know the story. Go read it for yourself. I did at the age of 25 and it changed my life (wish I had read it sooner). LESS DEEP BUT NONE-THE-LESS IMPORTANT STUFF More brief thoughts about me: My body is growing older, but my heart is growing younger. Think Einstein was right Ė Imagination is more important than knowledge. I like 3D art and animation, watching and making movies, reading and writing free verse poetry, enjoy bike riding, sunsets, computer programming, people watching, dreaming, day dreaming, reading, and pretending. I live in the USA, consume way too much caffeine (Mt. Dew flavored caffeine is my favorite.), I am blessed to be married to the finest person I have ever met, and I think Legos ô are the best toy ever created. Oh, and I think it's wonderful that you read all this. Blessings to you!

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