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My gallery reflects the raw, unpolished beginnings to where I am now. That is why quality varies so much from start to now... this gallery is a personal reminder of growth and motivation. When I first arrived at this website, I thought manipulation and graphics work was the rule. I tried Poser and other programs but kept returning to photography. That is where I am most of the time. Being here is growth in itself and being surrounded by so many talented artists of various genres is a blessing. God has blessed me in being here to share my offerings and to reap from the wonders brought to the net by others. I am joyed when an image is appreciated and can bear result of an unwise upload, something I do more often than desired in haste to post the render. I like Renderosity very much, learn here and appreciate the work of others. Constructive criticism is are occasional smiles. I choose not to accept ratings, finding comments more useful overall and perhaps allowing room for more honest opinion. I do the same in galleries visited on this site, providing my honest thoughts more than ratings. I was a professional jeweler by trade; in that was my real expertise. Now I freelance and seek secure work. I am a Vietnam era veteran of one branch of service in the USA; fortunately I did not go to conflict during that infamous time. I feel for those who did. Many were my personal friends. Equipment: Until early 2005, the camera was a Minolta DImage F100, which is now lost somewhere in this house. For the most I use a Nikon D7000 and D200 with a small assortment of Nikon and Sigma lenses (the better ones). I also love the spot metering ability of the small spot on the D70, my first DSLR and “quick carry” camera even today. I will add a lens or other accessory when I can afford it in the economic swirl of today. I have found the camera to be very important but the camera does not compose the image. Creative artistry and pleasing imagery is in the image taker, working with the creation around us and what insight our mind provides.

I strive to improve the eye behind the lens, while always finding experiences and imagination play a large part in what any particular image means to me, whether or not I am able to convey that to others. Each will see the image in their personal view and heart.




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