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It's Not news to me!


I'm fifty now.  I'd had a stroke. It was a couple of years back. In 1999 I went blind and had an operation and got my eye-sight back. My family is all dead now, having died off from a variety of natural reasons.  I'm all that's left of my line, and I do NOT think like other people.

I grab each moment of my life as if it's my last moment on Earth. I like criticism both giving and receiving.  If I leave a comment, it's because I was impressed, or see something that might make you a better artist.  I can't save the world, but I damned well try to save my little corner of it.

Everyone can do their own thing to save the world. Don't litter, save energy, and be green if possible. We are as a species, destroying our home.  That is a fact of life.  we can save it, if we all act together.  I don't expect it to be saved, but I'll try my best to motivate everyone around me to help out.

My tale I publish here about Toxic and the Four Sisters is a cautionary tale of another human world that teeters on the edge of death.  I can't tell you if ours is closer or further from the edge.  I sure as hell hope further than theirs!

I do many of my own textures and have gotten into modeling in Wings3D. I mostly use Poser and Vue for the images.  I love to experiment around.  I look for the boundaries and push them HARD! Do the same!  Experiment! Play!  Have FUN!  Life IS too short to be miserable in all of it!

Trust me in that.  I know it too well.  ^___^V..

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