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My work basically is a reflection of my wacky personality, presented in any form I can find! I am a self taught artist, from sketches right on down to the big 3D. My first love of comics, cartoons and anime have heavily influenced me. The Artists who have influenced me most include the likes of Tex Avery, Mike Mignola, Travis Charest, Bruce Timm, Mario Ucci, and Barry Windsor-Smith to name a few.

Name : Teyon Alexander
Age : 30ish (gasp!)

Date Of Birth :

Marital Status : In Love
Current Location : Manhattan, New York

Level of Education Experience : Some College (Antioch College in Ohio)

Programs I am Most Familiar With : Photoshop CS5, Painter, Rhino3D, Wings3D, ZBrush 4, Silo, Modo
Specialty : Creature/Character Design and Modeling.

Experience - Art: Co-Created the covers for the Actual Facts/Gameplan CD, Cass-Single, and LP for Lord Finesse and Penalty Records. Redesigned the Logo used by Lord Finesse. Worked as a volunteer at Merge Comics assisting with story layout, inking, coloring, and some minor penciling. Also did some consulting when Merge attempted to branch out into animation, as well as assisting in storyboarding. My work currently has been used in several reviews for Rhinoceros 3D in 3DWorld Magazine as well as the letters column. I have taught oraganic modeling classes at LEGO Denmark (great place by the way). I am a former Moderator at (a website for artists). I've also done the odd fly-er/poster for individuals. I currently work for Smith Micro Software as a content artist for Poser and Anime Studio.

 Experience - Non-Art : Worked for Chemical Bank's Risk Management And Insurance Department. I worked on a Phone-a-thon at Antioch College. I worked at Barnes and Nobel Superstores where I was promoted to the supervisor of the Children's department after two years. I worked briefly at Teachers College, Columbia University.  I went on to work at e frontier as a customer service rep. I have worked in the past at Smith Micro Software, Inc. as a quality insurance rep, customer service rep, technical support rep and modeling advisor.


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