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Me, about 3 years ago. No "post cancer" pics yet. I'm afraid I've lost some of my looks. Just imagine the head to the left with short spikey dark brown hair and more grey in it than I am comfortable with. After chemotherapy your hair usually doesn't come back the same. I hope I like the "new me" eventually, but I'd rather go back to the old me [just not older age-wise]. I should stop whining.

"Emerging artist Hannah Loesser, in her first New York exhibit, continues to impress with the impact of her portraiture, combining sensitivity and powerful renderings in a technique uniquely suited to her subject matter." -just something good someone wrote about me. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to write. Once I do, I'll replace that quote with more personal interesting stuff. Here's some new stuff: I used to be more of a traditional artist-no computers, just pastels and paint. Since that quote was written (about 3 or 4 yrs. ago) , I've gone totally digital but haven't had any exhibits (I'm having trouble figuring out all this printing stuff). Stll, I feel the posibilties are endless with digital . You can do SO much more with digital. There are millions more choices--AND digital is NOT easier in any sense except for one thing: You don't have to clean up your paints or put your pastels back in the box etc... I know one should never say never, but to make my point, I feel I would never want to go back to traditional. I'm 35, and was born in New York City. At the risk of bragging and having everyone hate me, my father, Frank Loesser, (now deceased), was a famous musical composer. He wrote the music and lyrics to "Guys and Dolls', and wrote that song 'Heart and Soul"-the one that most people know even if they've never heard of my dad. Well. that's certainly enough! I love you all. I love Renderosity. Thanks for being here so I always have somewhere wonderful to go to. Thank you everyone for your generosity, talent, incredible merchandise, and kindness. This one site has changed my whole life in the best way. Sorry this is so corny but I mean it. hannahlo hannah loesser P.S. Today,(1/7/04), I was told I have breast cancer. They say they can remove the tumor and I'll recover. However, if it were not for Renderosity, I don't know if I would have been able to cope. I'll have a few unpleasant months ahead but because of this place, I'll have lots of messaging, gallery browsing and uploading, and purchases to look forward to. I also have all the new friends I've found and who have found me here and I'll be making a lot more art. I don't know what else I could ask for. 4/1/05 This site saved my life.
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