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Well, as I am already so many years playing around with 3D so I think it is time now for a profile description.


I started to be interested in 3D the first time when I was seeing Poser 3. At that time I was not able to spend the money required for the program and I was only looking at those super nice render other peoples could do with this wonderful program.


Some years later there was an announcement from Daz3D that they will realise a free program like Poser so I waited for the first beta release to start using DazStudio. I think that I downloaded all the beta since that time and played around with all the settings that I could find out. I was so happy that I also made some bug reports and suggestions so that my personal knowledge increased from day to day. The logic of this was bringing me to start looking on how the different figures were created. At the beginning I made some props using the primitives in DazStudio. During that time I made the following tutorial for the fun and too shear what I learned.


Primitives where a little restrictive to create something else like clothing’s, this is why I was looking at a good modelling software but only discovered the one that I was comfortable with when I came across Hexagon. (Yes another Daz program). Since them I am modelling exclusively in Hexagon and import the meshes directly in DazStudio where I am doing the rigging and texture settings before porting them over to Poser. This may sound a little up side down for the one that started first using Poser but is so natural for me as I was beginning 3D with DazStudio.


Actually 3D is still a hobby for me. I can take the time needed to do my one cloths without pressure and this is maybe why I am still loving doing them after all those years. Helping others is also something that I am doing from time to time. It can be frustrating but it also can be very helpful for me as there are many different ways to build content and helping others will most of the time bring some additional knowledge to me too.


If someone would like to know a little more or maybe needs help, you can contact me with the site Mail. I come on very regular basis here and will surly answer your questions.

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