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I was born in the greater Chicagoland area in July of 1962.I was an only child and I have one child myself. I've been into art since as long as I can remember.I was always doodling or creating cartoon characters from the time I was very young.I play the guitar, love movies and I especially like to read good books.The term "good" being open to debate. }:)

I'm a Network Systems Engineer by profession, but I have been doing professional artwork since the late 1980's. I've designed CD covers for Chicago area bands, I have 2 illustrations on the covers of obscure fantasy genre books,I've done some custom texture work ,and I have also done a bit of architectural visualization.My major tools were Photoshop and 3D Studio Max with FinalRender. I'm new to Vue6 Infinite.I like dark,moody artwork of the fantasy or architectural nature.I'm working to learn Vue now,and still keeping my Photoshop skills sharp.I plan on making some models and some poser materials available for download in the near future.

My ex passed away this last August,and I'm exploring the world of being a single dad and having my daughter to myself these days.My daughter,Brianna, was born with spinal birth defects,and she just had her final spinal fusion.She will be moving to the Seattle area with me in early 2008.Right now,we reside (temporarily) in San Antonio,Tx  where they do the Titanium Rib Project surgeries.My daughter is my light and my life,and remains a constant inspiration to me.

The days of doing artwork on a  deadline are over for me.I settled on Vue6I,and I do art just for the fun of it now.I started with Bryce many years ago,and I'm returning to Rendo after not being very active for a few years. "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." I guess that wisdom makes more sense the older I get.

Thanks for looking,and for reading. I hope that you'll enjoy the pics. I always appreciate constructive criticism,and I enjoy talking shop and meeting new people that share my interests. Take care and God bless!                                                                                                            Tim K.

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