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No photo. Sorry, couldn't find anything suitable. I'm red-headed since 1996 - gotta love those hair dyes. I wear glasses, without them I'm almost blind. Got eyes that sometimes look green, but usually they're just light brown. I'm rather short (1.56 m) and I wish I could be as slim as I was few years ago. I think that's pretty much all the info on my looks that anyone can ever need :)

Born on 23.09.1981. Definitely a female. Got younger (1984) brother. We were both studying at the same university, but at different branches. Good advice - avoid studying chemistry engineering, very hard and very boring it is ;) I'm a reader - parents taught me to read when I was 5, and can't live without since. I'm also a gamer - my first video console was Atari 2600 clone, it was 1989 or something. I got my first compy in 2000 and can't live without since either :). Last thing I need to live are Role-Playing Games. Currently I'm playing EarthDawn, Warhammer 2nd edition and GM-ing Ravenloft d20. I've tried myself with PSP, Bryce, Terragen, Apophysis, Poser, DAZ|Studio and few smaller programs. I just want to make things I like myself. And if anybody else likes it - that's great. It means there are people like me somewhere else too :) "Vilian" is the name of my favourite RPG character. I created her 23.09.1998 (yup, my 17 birthday) and loved her very much. I had to kill her because after 3 years my Game Master had no more time to spend on GM-ing ;(
Currently I'm living with my boyfriend, four lovely guinea piggies, a sweet hamster, a noisy degu, a very curious male betta and a bunch of always hungry shrimps. I forgot to mention I love animals, especially rodents, didn't I? ^.^

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