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English Bob's cupboard under the Renderosity stairs

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Morphography - my web site, for downloads, galleries, tutorials, links and downloads. :)

On the Net, they call me English Bob (I named myself after the outlaw in Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven for reasons which seemed good at the time). I first entered the online Poser community when I got Poser 3.0 off a magazine cover CD - it was almost unusable, and the essential 3.01 updater was unavailable at the time. My intention was to ask one question and be off into the shadows, thus I didn't expend much effort thinking up a name. Then, I was hooked. I started answering other people's questions. Some questions came up frequently, so to save having to type out the same thing every time, I wrote some tutorials and created a web site to house them. Next, I realised that I could make my own stuff, and not just download everyone else's. I put that on the site as well; people downloaded it, my bandwidth ran out, so I paid for hosting for a proper site. :) Now, you can find me and my avatar - that's him, up there - at seemingly every on-line forum which has any Poser content. In case you were wondering - and you probably weren't - I am English, but my name isn't Bob, and I look nothing like my avatar. He's much more handsome than I am.

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