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Lavender Shelby -- Cosmic Creataholic

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Sadly lacking in focus, Lavender has joined this community in pursuit of yet another hobby. Author, Songwriter, Crafter, Costumer, Gamer... she's never happy unless she's making something, and a sad taste for techy toys has led her to the world of 3D graphics. Lavender's creative tendancies have been passed down to her children, most of whom are also interested in 3D art.

Lavender Shelby (Michelle Bottorff) is Canadian born in Montreal, Quebec, and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She met a USian at college, and married him, and is now living in Ohio with her six children and big black hairy dog. She is attempting to pursue a career in fiction writing. Her six children from oldest to youngest are: Ben Azure Jasmine Alloria (Lori) Jacob Lisandra (Lissa) Of all of these, only Jacob is relatively uninterested in 3D graphics, although at the time of this writing, Lissa (Age 2) had not really mastered anything other than Poser's color tool which she uses with great enthusiasm and unusual results -- green babies wearing purple diapers riding on bright orange horses, and so forth.

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