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I was three years old when I first realized that the pictures in my head could be captured on paper. At that time I drew horses and feet on a rainbow pad with a ball point pen. Once my interest was recognized by my grandparents I was given pencils (the huge tree trunk style) and newsprint. I spent hours filling up the space with everything that was filling my head. For me, there was no option except to draw. I studied everything I could, The Great Masters, Cowboy Art, Pop Culture, cartoon drawing, and pulp illustrations. The form was less important than the ability to put on paper in line and shadow the reality of the world as I saw it.

I was born with very little vision. My world was different that those around me. I saw things less clear and yet when I drew I wanted crisp lines and infinite detail. My hand created what I could not readily see. My medium of choice was pencil and pen and ink, but I ventured into all realms, experiencing oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, and sculpting clay. I created faces, moods, places, worlds, and memories. As I matured and my eye sight changed, I found that using digital media was a wonderful alternative and I spent many hours learning how to turn it into something that is my own.

In my current work I strive to bring soul and breath to my images. I create strong women who face the adversity in their world with courage and determination.  I work in CG, pencil, prismacolor, pen/ink, watercolor and will work more in oils, acrylics and pastels in future pieces.

I currently live in the Pacific Northwest with my partner of many years, and my revolving dog and cat friends. I studied art at the University of Wyoming, and am forever renewing my spirit with learning and growing in every way I find possible. I live each day in the belief that we are all precious and life is a gift. My art is just my small contribution to that bounty


About Pacific Rose Arts

I was receintly awarded upgrade  matterials to start m y own Graphic Design and Illustration business by the Washington State Department of Services for the Blind.  I am so thankful for this amazing gift.  I am still upgrading as the supplies have not been installed yet, we are waiting on paperwork for a couple venders.  I will showcase my illustration side of the business here with you wonderful people where I started in CG back in 1998 when this was the Poser Forum Online.  I've made friends here and hope to make more. Tnank you for helping me get to this place in my life.  See ... it can happen!



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