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The Aviary

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Kim and birdsHi and welcome to my little place here. Don't wonder about the name, almost everything I do is linked to my feathered housemates - source of everlasting inspiration ;-)
On the image to the left you see me with Perlchen and Rico, two of my cockatiels.
Rico is the chick on my right hand.

My real name is Kim and I love everything that is able to fly and has got vertebrae - meaning birds, etc, but especially dragons.

Short Bio
It went the way it mostly goes with people who cannot put the pen/ pencil/ crayon away.
So, at the age of 4 or so I was introduced to a set of the latter and drew camels. From there I went to pencils and horses and dragons.
Later came dolphins and orcas and some more dragons.
I still do a lot of drawing dragons - and some horses or dolphins - as long as I can spare the time.

But a few years ago I got my Wacom tablet and that developed into the exploration of the pixel world.
First I made little graphics for my homepages, now I make big graphics for strange pictures which tend to be overloaded with iconographic double denotations ;-)
ThenI entered the world of a freelance illustrator (in small scale) and do floormaps, illustrations and so on.
I learned to hate ships and especially galeons from my very first publication though I like being around ships and water in general.

Apart from the occasional commission here and there I still do a lot of drawing for myself as far as my shrinking spare time permits.
Making textures for Poser included - I prefer to work with handdrawn designs to alter with my laptop later.

What else?
I like roleplaying, wrote two systems of my own and hate dia slides ;-)

If you're interested: I'm available for commissions as well.
2D (traditional), 3D (Poser) is no problem.

Visit my gallery here if you're interested and want to see what I do - contact me if you want to know more. Preferably by mail since I don't check IMs that often :-)

For all Poser-related stuff best visit my homepage and my forum if you have any questions about my products.

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