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Hmmm, dunno where to start, guess I will work chronologically.

Grew up in Harlem NY in the sixties.

Moved upstate in the mid-seventies.

Started learning photography.

First camera around 74. First darkroom around 77.

Joined the Navy in 1980, became a cook. (because that's what the said I was)

First computer 1982 (vic 20)

Second computer 86 (SX-64)

Third computer 88 (Amiga-1000)

Fourth around 92 Amiga 1200HD

While in the Navy I made my living as cook, hotel manager, bookkeeper, cake decorator, locksmith,waiter and just about whatever was needed. Served abourd the USS Eisenhower, USS Seattle, USS America and the USS Enterprise.

Left the Navy in 1997, Bought 5th computer. 300 MGHTZ Celeron, 16 MG Ram, 4 Gig Hard drive.

Said computer has had ALL parts replaced, one at a time like the Tin Woodman, and CURRENTLY runs a AMD2400 64, 2 Gig ram, one 80 gig drive, one 320 gig, 2 160 gig, a cd-dvd drive and a dvd burner drive.

Started using LW on the Amiga many many moons ago. Started again a few years ago, got 8.0 around Feb 2006. Have learned to model reasonably, not as good at texture or animating.

Day job is, and will be for some time as a cake decorator, where I spend 40 hours a week cutting cakes into slices for people who don't own their own knife, making fruit tarts and other pastries, slicing meats and anything else needed in the deli next to me, telling random customers where the restroom is, and if I am lucky, decorating cakes maybe an hour or two a day.


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