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Blue Elephant Enterprises is the culmination of the many wonderful things that I have learned over the last several years here at Renderosity. There will be poser figures, mats, poses and any other goodies that I can come up with. I wish to thank Renderosity and all the great artists and authors of tutorials that have taught me one step at a time to become a 3d artist. Free stuff is available at:

As an artist in traditional media, I was always facinated by the mind blowing graphics that were dangled in front of me by my good friend Josh the owner of Mac Medics in Madison Wisconsin. He would bring over his latest laptop and show me worlds of wonder. Our friendship was great in that Josh was always bringing by a bit of hardware or software for my dinosaur PC (affectionately named IBMstein). IBMstein started out as a 386 with Win 32 and slowly mutated over the years as Josh brought me goodies to upgrade it. The only problem with IBMstein was that as I worked on learning 3d graphics the software was always ahead of my machine and so it took FOREVER to do anything on it. As time passed my skills as a computer artist grew but ole IBMstein just could not keep up. Oddly enough I thought that I was lacking in talent and though I continued doggedly to create artwork I never thought I would see the fruition of any worth while project. Then a little miracle happened. A friend had a high end multimedia machine that bit the dust, he puchased another machine hoping to use it to build a machine like his dead PC. Alas for him (and YAY for me) the machine he bought would need far too much work that was over his head in difficulty level to be practical, so he decided to just buy the machine he wanted. As a result he needed to sell the Dell that he had bought to build on in order to finance his new fancy machine. POUNCE! I was on it like a cat on a june bug and suddenly could retire IBMstein. What I though was a lack of talent turned out to be not being able to accomplish enough completed work to learn the ins and outs of 3d graphics. Suddenly I was able to do render after render and photoshop became the magic wand of post render work. The difference is astounding! What once took me two weeks to do now takes two days! I can now realize my dream of being an artist in 3d. The pure exitement of being able to work at speed has inspired me to go into production of my many dream projects. Thanks to Renderosity, Josh of Mac Medics, my friend that sold me the Dell, and all the artists that inspired me over the years. I hope you find my products to your liking! Will A.K.A Diviner

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