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I swear that bad luck is the only kind of luck me and my hubby get. Ok maybe not the only luck but seems to be the main of it. Awhile back my hubby lost his job and has Not been able to find an new one. So we have been living off what I do for Poser and DS stuff and trust me I do not make much and his unemployment checks. We were waiting his next check today, and instead we did not get a check but a notice that he had to go and reapply. But the bad news is that he can not get anything to go though till after the 1st of next month. Ok so we will be able to get checks again but eletric is due, I still owe some of this months child support, my Birthday is on the 21st *no big deal oh well*, my daughters birthday is the 30th of this month and my oldest son gets to go with his school to Six flags *Kentucky Kingdom about an hour from us* and we have season passes so we told him to tell his teachers we would be there I was going to get to meet his teachers and friends finally. Now I have to tell him sorry hun we can't do it cause once again we are broke. Nope nothing in savings never get enough to put enough aside to last. Nope I do not have a credit card only a bank card can not use it inless we have the money in the bank, nothing worht anything to sell or pawn other then my computer and need that to make the little bit of money I do. I am stressing out so much my eyes hurt from crying so much. Why does this stuff keep happing? Yes I know there are tons of people out there with way worse things going on but man I am sick of bad luck. All we need is a way to get on our feet, my hubby a job and some money to put aside in case we need it later. Can't we just get cut a break? But nope things just keep falling apart and I am lossing it. I am sorry to post all this here but I need to vent we do not really have many friends in real life most of my friends are online so this is where I am venting thanks for reading this and giving me a place to vent.

posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 1:42 am 1 Comment(s)

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