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I have been more and more frustrated with the discrepancy between comments and ratings.
I know when I view an image of any sort, I mention the things I like about it and also the things I personally would like to see done differently. I give a rating that reflects my overall view based on what I have said in my comments. If I like something a lot, I go on a bit and mention all the things that strike me. If I don't care for it but like the idea behind it, I only state I like the idea or the overall image. If I think it would have been good if something had not been done or needed doing, I say that too... all in a nice way and letting the artist know it's only my personal view and not gospel.

Bottom line is, my number rating reflects my comments. I will give the highest rating I can unless I have said I would change this or that or didn't find it interesting enough in spite of the photo quality.

I am always perplexed, however, when I review comments on my work where everyone says great things or praises the photo and not one negative or neutral comment is made and then I end up with less than a high rating. I would think if someone finds my work to be a 4 they would at least give me some hint as to what would have made it better. Isn't that what we are here for or are we just a "pat on the back" community? I want to improve and learn and although I won't always agree with presentation issues or focus comments, I always want to hear them so I have an idea what others see differently than I do.

Is it just me that gets frustrated with this?

posted on Monday, November 6, 2006 at 3:53 pm 8 Comment(s)

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