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Still no progress on the hard drive. ~
Dad died feb 12th. I was praying all day that he would let go. how horrible does that sound? Colon cancer is horrible. His nurse had me help her change him that day. before then, I truly didn't know the extent of the damage. The look in his eyes, when he watched my face. I don't know what was worse, seeing his back split open with tumors, or the look of horror on his face because I had seen it. Or the fact that he was embarrased that I saw him naked and basically a skeleton.\

A good friend of mine, was in a skateboarding accident. he was in the hospital in a coma for a week. The last I was told, they had woken him up, but they still don't know how much damage there is. We had a fundraiser for him and was able to collect 2,500 to try and help with his bills. not nearly enough. He has no insurance. he's so young, he still thinks he is invincible.\

Bought a tub for my moom, because she can't fit into our tub right now. It took 2 months of waiting, and thursday I called and asked for a refund. The manager got on the phone and I explained why i wanted the refund. the tub had been sitting there for 3 weeks and was never delivered. He asked if the next day would be good. I guess the idea of a 1000.00 refund didn't appeal to his business sense LOL.

Working on my Wildbabys package, for the Daz hatchling Sea dragon. I hope it sells well.
Love to all!

posted on Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 12:04 am 0 Comment(s)

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