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I spent some time this morning playing with my new homepage and thought it was about time to write something here.

I am not much of a blogger. It's probably because I am such a private and rather shy person, so don't expect to hear all sorts of lurid, juicy, tantalizing tidbits of my day to day life. My ramblings will most likely be rather sporadic, boring entries.

The most excitement I've had the last couple of days, is watching what I have come to call, The Hummingbird Wars, from my livingroom window.

We recently bought and placed a, yes, you guessed it, a hummingbird feeder outside our house. The hummingbirds have descended upon it in droves. They are there from dawn to dusk and it's military manoeuvers from them for the same length of time.

They are amazing in their ferocity and dedication to protecting their food. It's first come, first served and all others are driven off in airborne battles reminiscent of WWII dogfights.

They keep us endlessy entertained.

I see now how appropriate darknatasha's artwork, "Hummingbird Warriors" is. Before seeing these little fighters in action, I had only thought of hummingbirds as beautiful, little jewel coloured birds, quietly, but quickly winging from flower to flower, pollinating and sipping nectar. Such a peaceful and idyllic picture.

You can view "Hummingbird Warriors" at:

I love this piece and even more now, that I have my own little hummingbird warriors right outside my window.

*smiles to all*


posted on Thursday, August 23, 2007 at 9:25 am 0 Comment(s)

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