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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

WOw.. i'm soooo tired I can barely hold my head up, let alone type. 4-5 hours sleep isn't quite enough.

but, the reason behind it... ahhh, now.... THAT made it worth it.

Its not often that an event such as the eclipse that occured last night happens - or that I happen to be in a prime viewing location when they do. But, last night.... wow.

I can only hope I captured part of it with my camera.... and the pictures turn out decent.

The eclipse wasn't the only thing... in the middle of that slow-moving display.... there was a shooting star. Now, with the meteor shower coming up next weekend, this isnt, i suppose, too far out of the ordinary.

But, the aurora dancing in august on a full moon - IS.

yep, the aurora were out - and dancing - bright white & shades of green. The other colors usually don't occur until the temperatures are colder. i KNOW my camera didnt manage to capture THAT. and there's no way for me to manually increase "exposure" time on this particular digital camera.

I feel renewed.

and, while I didnt blog yesterday (I couldnt think of a durned thing to write)... I did have something else incredible happen during my afternoon nap.... I had that feeling I didn't so much sleep, as open a door inside my head and kinda retreated..... but WHAT a door...

Im not sure what happened, but all of a sudden, I was overwhelmed - literally - with... its so hard to describe. but, its like a closet was stuffed full of paintings.. moments in time captured on thin pieces of canvas.... and they started tumbling out.... each one beautiful.... each one demanding my attention.... and begging me to bring it to life. hundreds..... thousands.... of them, flashing through my head....

i only managed to sketch a few before they faded from my mind's eye... but i begged them to come back again... i'd try to do each and every one of them justice....

so, yesterday evening, i started work on one of them.... and, knock on wood, so far the volumetric lighting isnt giving me THAT big a fit!

hopefully soon, i'll have something to post... got a bit more work to do.... i need to figure out how to make the light cast the shadows a bit stronger....

Word of the Day:

Mirth: gaiety or jollity, esp. when accompanied by laughter.

posted on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at 10:46 am 0 Comment(s)

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