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Last night I got on my digital scale for the first time in an age.

It wasn't working... 

So I changed the batteries.

Still not working...

I need a new scale.


Anyways, I have just finished 12 weeks of dieting give or take a few days (and no idea what the before or after weight were.  I tried the method I posted before in my blog.  Namely, taking 500 calories out of my diet every day.  In theory I should have lost 12 pounds.  In practice I shouldn't have gone to the buffet today. 

Joking aside I did pretty well overall (buffet included) in terms of how much I took out of my diet.  I halved the size of my breakfast and lunch.  I replaced half of the sugar in my tea with stevia (won't eat the artifical stuff).  For dinner I usually keep it to 600 calories or less (meaning I can have a little dessert at night and still make my target).  When I go to the cafeteria I don't eat everything like I used to and I don't get dessert.  So technically I should be losing weight.

Some people have mentioned seeing a small change, but I'm not sure if I have yet.  Part of me thinks my shirts are a little looser, but at the moment I'm still writing that off as wishful thinking.  Meaning I don't feel my clothes being loose enough that I have to admit that I've lost weight.

Only one downside.  First 6-8 weeks were awful.  Completely awful.  I was hungry all the time.  Pretty much literally.  For 6-8 weeks.  Having to cut a meal short with food still on the plate and my stomach crying out for food... 

It was bad. 

Bad enough I'm going to tell you don't tell a person to go on a diet and get some exercise unless you've felt that way yourself.  For that long.  It's tests your will.  It isn't pleasent to look at food, feeling hungry, and having to tell yourself no. 

Day two of my diet I heard that trying to diet kills brain cells.  I almost quit.  Luckily for me, I know global warming is a hoax, I just learned today that multiple personality disorder was originally a hoax,at one time meteors were considered a hoax according to science, someone discovered a particle that moved faster than the speed of light proving Einstien wrong... so let's just say I have a healthy skepticism of the scientific. 

All that said, I think I'm going to amend my last post and suggest to potential dieters not to drop a lot of calories out of your diet all at once.  Ease into it.  It takes will power so if you go cold turkey, you have to go into it expecting a lot of hunger all the time.  If you don't have the will to be hungry for 2 months, either ease into it or try something else.



posted on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 5:48 pm 0 Comment(s)

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