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I'm so sick of people pulling the "race card!"

Here are the facts:

1. He was "breaking" into his house.

2. A neighbour who didn't know who the guy was, called the police.

3. The police responded and wanted to make sure the guy in the house was who he claimed to be, so to do that they need to see identification.

He should be thankful that the neighbour was concerned enough to call the police.

He should be thankful that the police who responded to the call wanted to make sure that he was actually the person who lived there and not some burglar who claimed to live there.

Now, the fact that this incident prompted a response from the President is completely and totally ridiculous!

The guy completely over reacted. If I were the police I wouldn't apologize either. They were simply doing their job and protecting the guys property.

Shame one the idiot for making this into a racial affair!!!

If you click on the image in that article to enlarge it you'll notice that one of the officers on the scene is black! I suppose he's a racist?

posted on Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 8:25 am 0 Comment(s)

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