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Okay, I'll go on a stream of consiousness ramble here. I've been an artist all my life ... in one way or another. I mean. I've always drawn, where it was in 2nd grade winning ribbons at the state fair ... 4 grade teaching a 3 grade class how to draw a cow. Coping a local artist's work and have it mimiographed for the classroom in 6th grade. I'm not sure Bob Edger (the original artist) appreciated that. That was 40 odd years ago. So ... why didn't I become a full time artist? I was told I couldn't. OR shouldn't. I was a visually impaired girl growing up in the 60's and told I should hone my housekeeping skills and direct my artistic abilities in "decorating" my home. I should consentrate on finding a husband and settling down because I would "yearn" to have babies soon enough. Now this "encouragement" came from my high school counciler. I went to college got my art degree and no training on how to market myself and no offer to help me find out.

Skip to now ... I'm 52 years old ... educated. No children, never wanted them. In a relationship that started 38 years ago and still not recognized by most. I've worked as a hotel maid, nursing home worker, short order cook, prep-cook, typesetter, desktop publisher, graphic designer, HP tech support, Wells Fargo Phone Banker, Catalogue specialist for two defunced dot.coms, Fry's Electronics Associate, retail sales in several stores. .... and struggled all these years to still be an artist. Even after learning how to market myself ... my limited transportation and resources have held me back a bit. I chose to help my partner raise her daughter ... and so many other obsticles came in my path. But ... here's the thing. The dream still remains. Still burns.

Don't give up ... I haven't after all these years and I see some wonderful artists here. So ... share your stories with me. Let me know how you became an artist and what it means to you.

posted on Friday, September 8, 2006 at 2:45 pm 3 Comment(s)

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