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I love to sit and create from the mind and imagination if i am not on the big Harley riding down the road. If you have LightWave you can Build ANYTHING I mean Anything its awesome. well Like They say turn off the Lights And go to the LightWave World of the unknown Plus I am motivated by the work Moebius87, and his fantastic work and finominal work. And everybody else in Lightwave's community..

I started with CMOS in the 70's and well I am 40 something now, started with Bryce when it first came out RayDream also,then I got Lightwave just when it was in its infant stage I think ver3 if I remember,I sill have it all the versions of lightwave. Then my dad go me into auto cad back in ver 5, and it all started there been playing with the software ever sense. I have been to college three times mostly computer stuff v basics,Java,C++,auto cad are some of the things I took. I have a Degree in Industrial Electricity Technology also. I work as a Electronics/Technician mostly PLC and Inst. I Like to create from the mind imagination mostly I see peoples work that is awesome and well it try to build it and I learn from it Its a never ending learning and its totally awesome a program that allows you to create what is in your head. Love to build fast computers and networking them to.

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