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Who IS this Trekkie person anyway?

TrekkieGrrrl [Add Friend]

PLEASE NOTE that I'm currently mostly offline in the 3D world, being busy with real life problems. I will try to respond to any PMs here but be aware that it may take a long time. It's not ill will, just lack of time!

If something is REALLY urgent, you can email me at - PLEASE put something with the words "renderosity" in the subject field so it won't end up in my vast collection of spam.

and with that over with...

I am...

  • Some 40+ years old (not giving the exact amount isn't because of vanity but it saves me from remembering to update this every time another year has passed) 
  • Mother of two teenage girls(!)
  • Married to a very patient man
  • Obsessed with Alan Rickman
  • Even more obsessed with Severus Snape
  • NEW: Now also obsessed with Tim Roth - and his alter ego Cal Lightman from the TV series Lie To Me 
  • Occasionally a Star Trek geek (on the low burner at the moment) 
  • making bentos every day for my smallest kid and myself (not anymore, sadly - she's all grown up)
  • japanophile
  • Working as a train conductor / train steward
  • Primarily a Poser user
  • Slasher and fanfic reader (and occasional writer) in the HP-fandom and in the Lie To Me fandom
  • Probably a pervert, depending on who you ask
  • Never TOO serious ;o)

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