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Why Sixus1 ??? When I was a teen, I wrote a short story about a line of android. They were referred to in the story as the Sixus line of "helpers" and were set loose in society to fulfill a wide array of menial tasks. The first one off the assembly line, appropriately enough dubbed Sixus1, eventually rebelled, killing his masters trying to get the other Sixus androids to take up the fight for thier freedom from what they felt were dominating and oppresssive masters. The whole thing was really a pretty thin alegory by a very pissed off teenager, but years later when I first started using bulletin boards online I needed a handle (this was around 94 and in a college that was still using tons of windows 3.1 machines). The first thing that just popped back to mind was Sixus1 and I've used it ever since. Nowadays, I freely use my real name online because I really just find online handles to be kind of annoying most times. Over the years, the sentiment of the story came back to me as I became more frustrated with the corporate bullshit I had to deal with as a budding professional artist going from office to office, studio to studio, tyring to find a home for my work. In the end, this frustration spawned our company, Sixus1 Media. The name is supposed to make you ask "what does it mean", and it does that a lot. On a side note, which I find really amusing given my interest in a wide array of cultural theologies and history, I found out a few years back that the name, which I thought was just a made up piece of gibberish, actually had a place in history. Apparently there were three popes, Sixus I, Sixus II, and Sixus III, the third of which was excommunicated for heresy from what I read. Very amusing irony in all that... For more information, please visit:



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