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If you're looking here then you MUST be bored!! Go and look at something more interesting!

Seriously... so much art here and you're looking at THIS??? Sup with that??


Still here, huh?

Okay. The name's Alex. Originally born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1975 (do the math), but I've travelled and lived all over the place so, much like the Highlander, I'm kinda from "lots of different places".

I studied graphic design and illustration at universtity and all I got was my creativity sucked out of me! So, for a LONG time I couldn't even look at a pencil without wincing! Then a great friend told me about Poser and that was all she wrote!

Though I do knock out an occassional render, I find that writing gives me a better voice for my creativity. You'll see a smattering of some my scrawls over in my gallery (I'm guess looking THERE brought you HERE...)

I take writing VERY seriously and am actually looking to make a career from it, so if any of you all are agents or publishers then GET IN TOUCH!! (Hey, I had to try...)

I currently live in Durham with my love and inspiration, my beautiful wife, Kate. We have an amaaaazing son together called Ethan (he's three at the time of writing this). I also have an seven-year-old daughter called Heather. I'm convinced she's going to rule the world some day (I just hope she remembers her old Dad when it happens!)

Let's see, my other interests include martial arts. I currently hold a shodan grade in Shotokan karate, and also study Aikijujutsu and Kenjutsu (so I WILL comment if I see characters holding a shinken/katana incorrectly! LOL!)

I love reading but hate cliches. Music taste is normally around metal/industrial, but I also like other stuff too.

Well, I think that's about enough of my schtick... if ya wanna know more then drop me a line.

Take care y'all.



(ZanderXL / Big Z)

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