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Here's me and my cat, Moosie....and me and my daughter....and our latest batch of 7 kittens all squashed into a box!

Hi, and thanks for visiting, I'm dreamsosweet, aka sweet, aka Chele....I've been here at Rosity since 9/01, and have moderated the Paint Shop Pro Forum since 2/02. I took a year off to undergo chemo treatment for Hepatitis C, but now that I've successfully finished my tx and beaten the virus (and am beginning to get back some energy and working brain cells, LOL), I'm back - not only in PSP, but also now in the 2D Forum as well! I just finished updating my SweetDreams Digital site with a new gallery, new products, some games, and more free PSP tubes and textures - if you're looking for some inspiration, resources or just some fun, take a look! You can also visit my HepC Journey site - it also has a gallery of some of my most recent smaller images, as well as information on HepC. I love working in PSP and Poser and taking pictures with my digital camera, and once in a while I even try my hand at fractals and "real life" painting or drawing, although that meets with limited success - as my forum friends will tell you, my drawing skills have not progressed much past kindergarten. ;-P When I'm not on the computer, I like to hang out with my herd of cats and my 13-year-old daughter (when I can get her off the phone, LOL), and she and I are working on a site together - Howling Wolfes. I also love cooking, reading, dancing, crocheting, beadwork, and any craft involving a hot glue gun - and I've got the blisters to prove it, too. I just started taking a cardio kickboxing class - sort of a combination of aerobics and karate - so far all I have to show for it is a lot of sore muscles, but I hope it will help me tone up after losing 60 lbs. on chemotherapy...and it is a LOT of fun! ;-) Sweet aka Chele
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