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Hubby in hospital

Kyms_Cave [Add Friend]

All good now we are back on the road and enjoying all this country has to off (Australia)



Well the time came for a screeching halt to our travels, my hubby had a heart attack, now he has just had a quadruple by-pass, he is not doing as well as hoped so the recovery is going to take a lot longer than first thought, will be many months before we are back on the road again, but the tought of that should give him something to aim for....

Please keep him in your prayers, I know they help...


To anyone who stops by to see what is up with me at the moment, hello..

Well we are at a place with limited internet and phone signal at the moment, so I am affraid I have not been able to contribute to the Free Stuff area, (so sorry), I go hope to remedy that when we move to the next stop on our travels..have had to have a big break here for doctor check-ups to make sure all is well and if ok! we will head off again.

But the area we are in now is going to be so hard to leave, I got photos of a beautiful Deer with antlers yesterday and a fox with a Rabbit in it's mouth heading home to it's den for a good feed..

Going to go Diamond hunting in the area soon, keep your fingers crossed for me, my sister is going to look for Saphires, the race is on to see who gets something first, ha! ha!

Oh! well must away as this is  going to drop out again soon..

Merry Christmas to everyone and have a fantastic new year



Health Shock

Not really sure if anyone really takes the time to visit this page but just in case you do..

Just want to say I am sorry for not visiting your wonderful galleries at the husband has been taken to hospital a few days ago and is now in the Cardiac Ward, got taken from work..a real shock as it is usually me with the heart problems..I am staying close to the hospital at the moment to be closer to operation is planned for tomorrow so please keep him in your prayors and fingers crossed..I will try and check in here from time to time as time allows..but not sure..





Just wanted to thank my many friends here at Rendo for all the wonderful comments you leave on my images and for adding them to your fav's..I really do appreciate it....

My life is in a bit of a mess at the mum has just come out of hospital for her Alzimers, my Mum-In-Law has had 4 Heart Attacks in 3 weeks and is still in hospital..she is to frail for an operation so the family are all gathering for..well I am sure you can fill in what is comeing..
My Grandson was missing for 3 days ( thanks to god he has been found safe and well)
My freezer decided to quit working in the middle of all please forgive me for not visiting your wonderful galleries...

I want to say THANK YOU to an awesome friend here for your amazing gifts they have helped lift my spirits and given me an escape from my are such a wonderful friend...not because of the gifts but for being the  caring person you are..
must away lots of visits and calls to make..
Stay safe and if you have any say in the matter stay well...Hugs..Kym

Happy New Year everyone..hope 2010 is going to be awsome for everyone..I know that is not going to be possible but fingers crossed we will try...

Well so much is happening in my little neck of the woods..I am not going to bore you all with the details..everyone in their own way has some sort of a battle to wage in one fashion or the list goes on and on...I for one am going to put myself into a posative place and try to stay there this year..fingers crossed...ha! ha!

For anyone interested I now have a new stock gallery over at DA (a rendo member it appears did not like my rules of use over there he/she told me-sorry but my buddies over there have been getting so much stolen I don't think I have been to bad with my rules of use) anyway if you have the time you can go check it out and see if there is anything you can use...if you do just give me a site mail here with the link to what you create so I can fav it..and I have to admit I just love to see what people come up with...

(Update) June2009: well they say life is a learning curve and boy! are they right, I now have a gallery over at deviantart and have been learning how to do all sorts of things, so a big thank you to everyone one here on renderosity and also to those who have inspired me at deviantart..
link to my gallery there is
I find it easier to put my free items there for download, they may be used here on rendo...
If anyone decided to use anything here please let me know via a site mail with the link and I will add your creation to my fav's here...Hugs..Kym...

(Up-date) Nov.2008: For those who have dropped by this page..I have now learned how to up-load some items into the free area..they are backgrounds and tube items..but you will have to cut them out yourselves as they are in jpg format for the time being..I have tried to make it a little easier for you by putting the tubes on a plain is off site over at I hope you have fun with them and please enjoy..

Now where do I start, well I have a husband who encourages me in all I do, in fact if it wasn't for him I would never have discovered how much fun can be had with a camera and a bit of imagination, I have no idea what I'm doing but just love to see what I get at the end of the day, we have just finished building a new house so the poor camera has been lying idle for some time, I hope to put it to good use soon, I love looking at what other people are creating, you are all so talented.

Please accept my thanks for giving me the opportunity to view your images, they have given me so many ideas, I can't wait to try and put them into practice.

To all that have commented and looked at my images I take it as a huge honor... LOL Kym
Please forgive me if I am late in visiting your imagas and leaving a gets so hectic at times as I am sure it is for so many others..

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