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Structured Art

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I am the ghost in this machine,
I am the lord of this realm of dreams,
In dreams we walk together,
I am a man, skin burned black,
I am the one that brings your sanity back,
When you're gone all the way down,

I am an Angel, a Demon,
Lurking in the darkest corner of your mind,
In dreams we walk together,
I am the wolf named wild desire,
A black angel cast into the fire,
And your guide to paradise,
I am the king sleeping inside your mind,
Waiting for the new dawn to once again, arise,

I am the ghost,
I am the darkness,
I am the fire inside your mind,
In dreams we walk together,
A memory of yore,
I am the Past,
I am the present,
I am the future,
Of a timeline that is torn,

I am the heartstrings that you pull upon,
The Life you thought you'd spent,
I am everything you ever did,
And everywhere you went,
I am the ghost,
I am the light,
Burning brightly in the night,
Showing you the way home,
When bravado turns to fright,

I am now,
I am then,
I am what will be,
I am you,
I am your friends,
But most of all,
I'm me

I See the stories in your life,
That made you what you are,
No regrets or buts or maybes',
No what ifs' for you,
Everything you could have done,
I have seen you do,
I am eternal,
I am immortal,
I live through other peoples dreams,

And now you ask "Who are you friend?"
And my reply is simple,
I am the ghost, true enough,
But "I am" is all I say,
Do not try to rationalize,
The meaning of a dream,
And break the magic held therein,
And rip my world at the seams.

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