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I have only been here for YEARS and decided it was way past time to post something! I came into the 3d world via the very first Bryce for the PC and stayed ever since, branching out into Morphing, Mapping, finally modeling the things I love most- animals and birds! :)
Fox in this image is my own commercial morph and map of the original poser wolf.

I never imagined a commercial career doing what I love (in between the hair pulling hard parts!) in the world of 3D. The 3D community of fantastic sharing people are the basis for my education in this field. Without the help, guidance and suggestions of so many, I would not have been able to teach myself to do what I love to do! Then my customers/friends bring all my "babies" to life in all sorts of environments and that is the ultimate thrill! Thank You all from the bottom of my heart! (too mushy? well, that is me! :) Update: My life has taken a new direction...

I do still "lurk" around, visiting Renderosity as I can, but I spend much of my time in/on Second Life now - where I can do things I have either never done in RL or can't do NOW in RL... my Second Life has given me BACK a life! I have so many new friends there, and can have all sorts of animals around me... I can ride a dragon ... BE a dragon... go horse back riding, BE a mermaid... think of being the most lovely Vickie and being able to DRESS UP in all sorts of clothes, have all sorts of hair styles and GO DANCING .... how cool is that?? I can USE the costumes I buy! There is a whole commercial world in SL... so one might look into making clothing for avatars there! :)  I have voice (headset and mic) and I talk to friends all over the world via SL! I am so happy I live in this modern age! 

UPDATE: oh gosh, this needs updating!! Now with the loss of my "one true love-NOT!!" I am back FULL STRENGTH at Rendo, spending much LESS time in Second Life, tho it is still a vital social outlet for me... but now BOTH communities are equally important to me, with my annoying health limitations in this life. I TREASURE friends in both worlds SO MUCH! :) 

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