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My screen name is bonbonish. My daughter, when she was a little girl, used to use bonbon as her screen name. I asked her permission to use her screen name with a little switch -- bonbonish. Because I am not as beautiful as she is... just bonbonish. I always liked to draw, paint and to sculpture. During the elementary school I had wonderful teachers in my 'art' classes, and I also had many extracurricular activities related to art. I liked very much the technical part of creating artwork... works with soft materials, hard materials, different paints and different pencils. At high school and after high school I took part in a lot of art workshops, where I had the opportunity to learn from great artists. I used to draw -- with carbons, crayons. I used to make soft sculptures -- from different kinds of materials and techniques. Some of the techniques I learned, some of them I developed myself. From the very moment I learned to write I was writing. Short stories, long stories, novells poems and scientific materials. Recently besides creating digital artworks -- I write children's stories and short scientific articles. "The Wild Virtual Enchanted Garden" is my recent children's story and I am selling it here at the RMP. I never looked art as if my major profession... Till my son has been diagnosed with cancer. In my professional life [Ph.D. in economics] I used to lecture... mostly about materials that I developed. While my son got all those nasty treatments and underwent numerous operations I had to stay next to him. I could not continue with lecturing. Several of my friends come to my rescue. They suggested that me to develop slides that contained my material and they will present those slides instead of me. I started to develop those slides... and I wanted them not just to contain nice written materials I wanted them to be pretty also ... I was looking for computerized graphic programs that could help me out... 3D graphics I started out with different kinds of free 3D programs, but I didn't stay with them... because lack of community support. I need people around me while I am creating something. Finally I found Poser 3 and later I upgraded to Poser 4 and till that day I stay with it. So, I guess I started out about 6 years ago creating 3D graphics... I found fascinating Poser ability to behave' as an acting stage -- where I can set up a whole sceen and tell a story with my image. And even I can animate that scene if I want to... 2D graphics I started out with Flash 4 ... As I already told, I was looking for a program that allows me to do pretty presentation slides. Flash was suitable for that. What's more, flash has lot of ability to manipulate pictures and vector drawings. I read a lot of tutorials from the Internet, and I learned how to use Flash pretty well. I used to buy royalty free images and incorporate them into my slides. Then I wanted to manipulate my bought images a little more -- and I found Photoshop 5 and Painter 5. Eventually I wanted to make my own images...and for that finally I found Poser. I like very much movies. And I like to read materials about those movies -- about the life of the actors, directors, about how the movie was developed, marketed and so on. I like to walk. I like to go the gym ... and I like to have a lot of conversations with friends and family.

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