Halloween Grab Bag

Halloween Grab Bag

Renderosity would like to help you celebrate this spooky Holiday by offering you some cool treats during your next digital shopping experience!

From now through the end of today, you will receive one of 39 randomly selected products every time you make a purchase of $5 or more. There are no limits on the number of times you can make your way through the checkout process to receive your free Grab Bag item. You have from now through the end of the day, Monday October 31st at 11:59pm (cdt) to make your purchase!

Simply add the product thumb (seen below) to your cart and proceed as normal through checkout. Upon completion of checkout, visit the 'My Account' page to claim your product.

*You can click the icon below to be taken directly to the product page


*Buyer must add the Grab Bag product to cart before checkout to receive.

*No limit on the number of purchases made to receive the free Grab Bag item. Please keep in mind that if you have made enough purchases on this day to receive all Grab Bag items, you will no longer receive a free product.

*Please do not use this promotion to gift products to other members. The recipient will not be able to receive the free grab bag product.

*Also know that during this 24 hour period, the Renderosity System Flag to check if a buyer has previously purchased a product has been disabled. This is to allow for multiple purchases to receive multiple Grab Bag items. If you question whether or not you've purchased something in the past, please click 'My Account' and use the 'Search Purchases' field.


Below are some HOT products in the MarketPlace right now


Member Opinions:
By: Faerydae on 10/31/11
We don't get to see the 39 products before we buy?

By: Debbie M. on 10/31/11
No Faerydae. It's a grab bag, so it's a surprise as to which of the grab bag products you receive :)

By: brodiss on 10/31/11
This is such a cool idea. :)

Got the Grab Bag once but it won't let me put it into my Cart again because

"We Encountered An Error
We're sorry, but we had a problem processing your request. The error or errors encountered were:

It appears that you already have this product.

Please correct these errors and try your request again."

So it seems I got the trick and not the treat. :(

By: Debbie M. on 10/31/11
Sorry about that brodiss, it's fixed now and you should be able to add it to your cart again :) Happy Halloween! Now go get some more treats :)

By: Faerydae on 10/31/11
Alright Deb, thanks. I just thought in the previous promotions like this we did get to see. Maybe I'll try my luck and see what I get :)

By: DaWaterRat on 10/31/11
I was fairly sure that we could see the products we might win in at least one past Grab Bag promotion.

Honestly, the odds of getting something I want/need (as determined by seeing the grab bag products, and seeing how many I can use) are what prompts me to take the chance.

By: brodiss on 10/31/11
Thanks Debbie M. :) Back to treat time again. :) Happy Halloween!

By: Kerya on 10/31/11
It's fun! I've got a nice character. :)

By: StudioArtVartanian on 10/31/11
I love that game,thank you Renderosity and participating vendors!
happy Halloween:)

By: renecyberdoc on 10/31/11
its fun i join in.

By: Ghostpanther on 10/31/11
Thanks for my Grab Bag - it's really good

By: Sabby on 10/31/11
How awesome I can't wait to see what great products I get!!! :D

By: P3Design on 10/31/11
I always loved grab bags as a child and I can say I still do! :))

By: chrisf99 on 10/31/11
The promo image says "50 products" but the details say 39 grab bag products. Which is correct?

By: thaaksma on 10/31/11
There are 39 products available.

By: chrisf99 on 10/31/11
Thanks and promo image has been updated.

By: FLDesign on 10/31/11
A very nice idea, even though i'm not that happy with what i got.
A char for V4, beautiful for sure, but i don't work with V4 at all. Sorry, but i don't gonna download it.
Any prop would have been more appreciated.

But thanks anyway, it's the thought that counts :)
Happy Halloween :))))

By: lunchlady on 10/31/11
I love grab bags!! Got some really cool stuff!! Thank you!

By: PAnn on 10/31/11
I agree with others it was a nice idea but personally, the idea of buying something in the chance of getting a freebie that might be useful is one I won't ever take again after today. Thank you anyway and good luck to everybody else with their grab bag.
Happy Hallowe'en.

By: Nathrai on 10/31/11

My favourite type of sale event and I'm out of money... :(

*sacrifices some of those trick or treating kids in order to extend the sale until after payday*

Still got me some little goodie. And I have to say, the clairvoyance of the grab bag script is pretty scary. Bought The Third Eye and got some eye textures to go with it... :D

By: RCTSpanky on 11/1/11
If I had knew that earlier I had still wait to Monday. I have bought it one day before and don#t get the Grab Pack :( .

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