Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow...

Receding Prices on New Hair Models & Textures!

Spring is here and while you let your hair down and celebrate the arrival of sunshine and warm evening breezes, the Mad March Hare has one more deal he'd like to tell you about.

Starting on Monday March 21st and running through Thursday March 31st at 11:45pm (cst) the Renderosity MarketPlace will be offering a thick variety of hair models and hair textures.

Nearly 400 products are included in the special "Hair Today/Gone Tom" sale department!

This is the perfect opportunity to knock a few of those hair products off your wishlist and into your cart before our Hare takes the deals on Hair away!

Sale Dates: March 21 ~ March 31 @ 11:45pm (cst)

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Below is just a sampling of the products included in this sale

Member Opinions:
By: VelvetMoxie on 3/21/11
Ahhhh....can anyone ever have too much hair? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

By: renecyberdoc on 3/21/11
cant see the sampling page??lol.or maybe i am too early due to the time zone difference.anyway again a huge action from renderosity.

By: VelvetMoxie on 3/21/11
Bummer...with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 there is no hair here--only textures for hair you already have. Oh well; didn't really need to spend the $ anyway, LOL! Great for people who like to use pastel colors and the like.

By: OonaTheWild on 3/21/11
This seems like an awesome idea but I have now seen it on the site and got an email and I am getting a blank page when clicking and alot of little red x's...where's the sale please?

By: vitachick on 3/21/11
All I see is black blank boxes with white squares containing an 'x'

By: batbat on 3/21/11
The walk cycle position for the girl bunny thing is wrong. If the right arm is forward then the right leg should be back.
It amazes me how often people make this mistake.

By: Rhyull on 3/21/11
I'll let you know when the page displays anything!

By: zenzai on 3/21/11
7 a.m. I got out of my bed
Decided I wanted new hair for my head
Rushed to Rendo to pick a replacement
But ack, they're at sleep in the hair department
There's no pictures of beautiful hair
Just som empty placeholders there

Or maybe the hare has been here already
and stolen the hair I was going to getty'
Or is it him that lazy tortoise
who decided that he was going to torture us
by letting is wait here in the cold
while we're getting hairless and old?


By: tyd2 on 3/21/11
Could only find 2 that were actually hair models. Did I miss any?

By: yakchat on 3/21/11
This is a wonderful sale for Hair textures...but it is a shame that only about 2 vendors decided to put their hairstyles in the sale....that's okay tho..I'm still buying...Good luck to all who participated and thank you :-)

By: thaaksma on 3/21/11
To all of you who attempted to access the sale department via the link in the broadcast message, we apologize you found a blank page. The directional url has been updated and you should now be able to find the correct department by clicking that link or by clicking the link included in this article. We apologize for the inconvenience.

By: AnnieD on 3/21/11
There is no hair...only textures. :(
Whoever handles promotions lately needs to rethink some things.

By: Cimaira on 3/21/11
Great looking textures! Only 4 actual hair models, which are all great, I have two of them already. lol
Maybe the title of the sale was a little off the mark? "Hair Salon Week" not as catchy, but more to the point. lol

Thanks for all the great sales this month.

By: FLDesign on 3/21/11
I was hoping for some hair and i found ..... hair textures.
Money saving day for me :)
Should have been Color today .... Gone tomorrow

By: Nathrai on 3/21/11
I was in serious fear for my wallet when I read the announcement, but with only 3 hairs in there my account is pretty safe... ;)

Would have been nice to get more actual hair instead of just textures, but then again after how much I spent on the grab bags I'm rather thankful there's only one or two things I need to get. :D

By: singanprayisme on 3/21/11
This is a sale on hair textures not so much for the base hair. I have heard so many comments about how disappointed everyone is in this sale at another Merchant's forum. Seems they are planning to spend their $$$ over there then here at Renderosity.

By: SMILEYDEE on 3/21/11
I for one am disappointed. One can never have too much hair, their advertisement is misleading. It should read hair textures today gone tomorrow maybe. :( I get hair weekly here, a sale on actual hair would've been really nice.

By: Dave-So on 3/21/11
which 2 are hair?
i don't see any hair. where's the hair?

By: maraich on 3/22/11
More of a "Hair Texture Today... Gone Tomorrow" sale. I realize that doesn't have the same ring, but would be a lot more accurate. Too bad, I'm always up for more hair props.

By: StaceyG on 3/22/11
Just an update that based on feedback we decided to make another request to vendors to try and get more hair models rather than textures so you should see a lot more hair models added to the sale within the next 24 hours.

By: gypsyangel on 3/22/11
Oh good. Cause I was like everyone else---stopped in to see and didn't see a thing I needed or wanted. Hair textures are a purchase as needed---it's not so much a 'must buy' like hair tends to be.

By: Nathrai on 3/22/11

StaceyG, please extend a heartfelt "You're awesome!" to the whole team and the participating members. Thanks so much for listening to the feedback!

Though, actually, you're pretty evil... I really thought my money was save. ;)
*will starve - but at least with a happy smile on her face and a lot of new hair in her Runtime*

By: singanprayisme on 3/22/11
This is so cool. Thanks for asking the vendors and thanks to the vendors for participating!

By: StudioArtVartanian on 3/23/11
wow!!!! more and more hair every day!!!!!
i dont now what to choose,amazing!
thank you guys:)

By: USAGranny on 3/24/11
It's a great hair texture sale I'll agree, but it lets me know also what designers I'll be choosing to spend my money on.
I've noticed thee are a few that rarely put their items on sale if ever

By: yakchat on 3/24/11
Yaaaaayyyyy More Hair!!!! Thank you :-)

By: Dynamo on 3/26/11
Great sale! - This is a sale aimed right at my runtime yay!!

By: fairygirl0821 on 3/28/11
I spent way to much money on this.

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