Get Your Gallery Artwork Seen!

Renderosity is home to many talented artists, and we are always looking for ways to showcase the work found within our Galleries. Now there is another way to have your art seen by thousands more in the industry.

Beginning today, there is a new option on the Gallery Upload Form to Allow image to be used in Renderosity advertising. By selecting this option - the image you are uploading is now eligible to be showcased in Renderosity's marketing materials. This option is disabled by default, and participation is purely voluntary. Any image that we do use will always have the artist credited, and images will only be used for promotional purposes. We won't be selling or otherwise directly profiting from any work you allow us to use.

In the past we have approached gallery members individually to use their artwork in promotional pieces, and the respone has been nothing short of ecstatic. As a result, we have opened this up to all members that are interested in participating. If we do select your work, you will be notified and (if possible) provided a digital copy of the piece for your portfolio as well as a hard copy if your work is used in print (magazine ad, promo cards, etc).

Do you have existing gallery images that you would like to submit for consideration? It's easy, just choose the Edit option on your image page, and the option to Allow image to be used in Renderosity advertising will now be available to you. Just check the box and hit the Save Image button. Feel free to do this for as many images as you like!

We welcome images from all galleries - 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave, Poser, Blender and every other. Using your work will show everyone in the industry that some of the best artists in the world call Renderosity home.

Have any questions? Feel free to email JasonK, the Marketing Manager, at He will be happy to help you in any way possible.

There is also a new advisory flag on the gallery upload page. This is to be used if your image title or notes needs a language advisory.

Thank you for helping make Renderosity one of the largest digital art communities on the web. We look forward to showcasing your work!

Image credits for the header include: CTA, anewman, skynet3020, Sandkat & frymarkdesign.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


What is "Renderosity advertising"

Anything that promotes Renderosity externally. This could be website banner ads, postcards, magazine ads and the like.



Will you be selling anything with my image?

We will NOT be selling anything that has your submitted image (such as t-shirts, branded merchandise, etc). This will be strictly for external promotion.



How do I participate? What does it cost?

You pay nothing. All you have to do is go to an image page that you want to submit, select Edit and then select Allow image to be used in Renderosity advertising box. If you are uploading the image for the first time this option will be available to you on the upload form.



Do I have to submit my whole gallery?

No, you can submit whatever image(s) you like out of your gallery. Submission of the entire gallery is not required.



How will I know if you used my image?

We will contact you via the email address on your Renderosity account (so make sure it's up to date). Also, we will provide (if possible) a copy of the final piece for your portfolio.



How am I going to receive credit for the image used?

Credit will be provided with Artist: [your username] on the finished piece, so that it is easy for people interested in your work to find your gallery on Renderosity.



Can I remove any of my images from consideration if I have already checked the Allow box for them?

Yes. You can edit your image to remove the option for us to use the image. Please keep in mind that images may be used before the option was changed.



How do you choose which images are used for promotional materials?

Normally, whenever we have a particular need or theme, we will search the Galleries for images that fit the theme that we are going for. Our method of searching can change from time to time, based on our needs at that time.


Member Opinions:
By: calum5 on 1/23/09
Some 'unseen by enough' brilliant artworks can get some returns with this,I hope many of the talented people here subcribe to this.Great idea Renderosity.

By: Markal on 1/23/09
I agree...a wonderful idea...good for Rero and good for the artists. Keep up the great work you guys...

By: awycoff on 1/23/09
This is a great idea and an excellent opportunity for the many talented artists at Renderosity.

By: Conniekat8 on 1/23/09
Great idea! Maybe in my next life, I'll make stuff good enough to be showcased. Thse whom do, power to them!!!!!!

By: Kattey on 1/23/09
Nice idea :) But I can't find the mentioned option in already submitted pictures.

By: sazzyazzca on 1/23/09
Excellent idea!!!

By: Belladzines on 1/23/09
It says starting monday ... which is this monday coming up :-)

awesome idea!!!!

By: Acadia on 1/24/09
I also don't have an option for my already submitted images. I've clicked "Edit", but there is nothing about allowing the use of the image.

By: jakiblue on 1/24/09
sounds like a neat idea! but do the pictures we select to be available for that option need to be a certain size or anything? just wondering if we can do that due to the file size limits on the gallery.

By: summer1412 on 1/24/09
I'm so excited about this. I can't wait to get to work on Monday!! It's really great you all are doing this for the community, this is a wonderful thing for the artists here. Thanks so much for always listening and always looking out for us!!

By: mirana on 1/24/09
Wonderful idea :-)

By: JeffersonAF on 1/24/09
Very good.

By: adh3d on 1/24/09
A great idea.

By: IO4 on 1/24/09
Fantastic idea!!

By: romanceworks on 1/24/09
An excellent opportunity. Thanks. CC

By: RichSkip on 1/24/09
Excellent idea... I'll be back on Monday to sign up!

By: ThunderStone on 1/24/09
Where is the mentioned option for the already submitted pictures? I don't see it. :(

By: BAR-CODE on 1/24/09
Nice i dea i think ill submit some work

But just a idea to make it more fun for the members..
To sent with the email saying its used
sent em a $5 voucher code too ..
just as a thank you

just a idea nothing else...

By: DanB-Creations on 1/24/09
Oh! It's a very great idea!

By: amirapsp on 1/24/09
Great idea indeed...Hugs

By: StaceyG on 1/24/09
Just a reminder, this option will not be available until Monday. As stated in the article its coming but not live on the site yet. We just wanted to give members a heads up that come Monday this new option will be available.
You won't see it until its launched live on Monday

By: popeslattz on 1/24/09
Excellent idea. I'll definately be participating.

By: evielouise on 1/24/09
I think it's wonderful you have so many great artist here
what a way for them to show thier work
I'm not what I consider and artist yet but someday:
Hope I live very long ::smile

By: tigarle on 1/25/09
Great Idea.. not only does it allow Renderosity unlimited talent to view over and use but gives the many artist here a chance to have thier work and talents further seen and enjoyed by others world-wide..

2 Thumbs up for this and Thank YOU !!

By: A_Sunbeam on 1/25/09
Good idea.
Will pick something tomorow (Monday).

By: PIERRE25 on 1/25/09
Excellente idée, cela sert les 2 parties, les artistes et Renderosity

By: dhama on 1/25/09
I would prefer to wait till a piece of my art is selected if that happens at all, because it is the right thing for any given promotion, rather than select them myself. The reason being is that I want my art to be accepted because it is thought of as being good enough, and not because I want that to be the case.

By: megaionstorm on 1/25/09
Is this possible for old uploaded pictures too ? Or must they deleted and new uploaded ?

By: StaceyG on 1/25/09
megaionstorm..Yes all you have to do is on Monday when you see by the updated front page article that this feature is live, go to any image that is currently in your gallery and click the "edit" button underneath the full image and toward the bottom you will see the new checkbox to submit an image for marketing purposes, check that box and then click save updates and that will do it:)

We won't be "selecting" any images from the gallery as in the past. We will now be browsing through only the images that have the opt in to use their image in marketing promotions. We won't be using all images submitted of course but will be selecting from only the group that has opted in.


By: Seaview123 on 1/25/09
This sounds interesting... do we get any say as to what our images will be advertising for? I'm assuming that they'll be used for items we listed when making the image, is this right? In any case, I like the idea.

By: summer1412 on 1/26/09
I agree with Bar-Code, I think a $5 coupon as a reward for getting a piece selected would be an excellent motivator for the members here, and also giving back to the members. Of course, not saying that being selected isn't good enough, but...well, y'all understand. It's a very good idea.

By: Anglu on 1/26/09
That's cool!

By: Angelsfury2004 on 1/26/09
I still do not see an option for allowing image to be used

By: StaceyG on 1/26/09
Hi all,

Just a note to let you all know that these new features are now live on the gallery upload page!


By: summer1412 on 1/26/09
I have a quick question regarding submission guidelines - are images with artful nudity or violence allowed? If not, I won't even bother checking the ones with such content in my gallery. =)

By: Magick_Lady on 1/26/09
sounds great , this new feature :))))))))))

By: StaceyG on 1/26/09
No I don't think they will be looking at images with nudity or violence. You can email to confirm but I would guess that for print ads and marketing purposes, they would try to steer clear of images with nudity...

By: summer1412 on 1/26/09
Didn't think so, I figured that wouldn't exactly be good for a marketing campaign. Especially the violence. "Hey, yeah, hey you! Love Renderosity, or else you'll end up like THIS guy!"


By: RAGraphicDesign on 1/27/09
Great idea:)

By: frymarkdesign on 1/27/09
thanks so much for using my image in your header and you are always welcome to use any of my artwork.


By: mamabobbijo on 1/27/09
Great idea! Although with writers it may need something for permission to use only a line or two. I can get pretty wordy sometimes.

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 1/27/09
I am curious... I would like to know what limits are placed on renderosity's use of any art that is earmarked for thier advertising? Is it only for the weekly/monthly newsletter? On site only advertising? Or is there the intention of taking the art off site? As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." (*or dollars), so I would be interested to know what the TOU is.

By: SetoKaiba on 1/27/09
The idea is really great. But my question is, will it be necessary to provide images in higher resolutions? Images with a lower resolution might look terrible when printed.

By: jif3d on 1/28/09
Great idea Rendo, but I hope it doesn't end up like the Art chart hug club, because there are some brill artist, who don't surf the galleries, un-like others who leave a two word comment on every single new post and get in the charts with very mediocre artworks, I still think a panel of art experts should judge, who is worthy of being there...nuff said, again great idea, just hope it doesn't get abused or the marketing staff just don't pick images which are in the Art charts, but from all the galleries !

By: Elcet on 1/28/09
That is a nice idea anyway, especially for images needing a lot of work, skill, and talent. I will check what images in my gallery deserve to be used in promotion of our beloved site. Concerning violence and/or nudity, of course in the US the use can be limited, but in other countries (France, Germany, Italy…) the moral standards can be very different… which doesn't mean that people in these countries are immoral, LOL! Do visit the Louvre museum, for example and see the art of past centuries from Egypt to the 19th century and later! Because I have done nice images including nudity or (moderate) violence, I will include them too, leaving the RR team decide what they want or not. As SetoKaiba suggested, for print use, it would be nice to ask to the artists to make available hires pictures if they are necessary. However, if the popup pictures are some 1000x1500px and up, the print result is not disastrous for small sizes when enlarged with recent Photoshops, or better with specialized enlarging softwares.

By: woz2002 on 1/29/09
...good idea. Free advertising is a good starting point just to get your name out there, if you looking for moving on from a hobbyist to more pro services :)

By: Polaris7 on 1/30/09
It´s a good and very interesting idea!! Really there are splendid artworks in Renderosity! I have some images, no-published here, but they are inserted in other publications, because somebody one day saw my image and... I think that this iniciative is brillant, a great chance to be released out of this page. I hope what nobody, in other places, can take images for personal use. My congratulations for this service!

By: JAYBEEH on 1/30/09
Great idea!....I'm sure I'll be able to sort out a few images to throw into the hat...Nice one Rendo!!

By: XoxoTree on 1/31/09
Wonderful idea, Thanks.

By: callad on 2/3/09
Question.. Will Rendo use only full images or will they use cropped pieces? I don't mind if they did. Just curious.. :)

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 2/4/09
Very good he/she devises many talented artists they will be able to this way to show their images and that they are known, I Stick to the proposal..!!

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