Get Your Gallery Artwork Seen!

Renderosity is home to many talented artists, and we are always looking for ways to showcase the work found within our Galleries. Now there is another way to have your art seen by thousands more in the industry.

Beginning today, there is a new option on the Gallery Upload Form to Allow image to be used in Renderosity advertising. By selecting this option - the image you are uploading is now eligible to be showcased in Renderosity's marketing materials. This option is disabled by default, and participation is purely voluntary. Any image that we do use will always have the artist credited, and images will only be used for promotional purposes. We won't be selling or otherwise directly profiting from any work you allow us to use.

In the past we have approached gallery members individually to use their artwork in promotional pieces, and the respone has been nothing short of ecstatic. As a result, we have opened this up to all members that are interested in participating. If we do select your work, you will be notified and (if possible) provided a digital copy of the piece for your portfolio as well as a hard copy if your work is used in print (magazine ad, promo cards, etc).

Do you have existing gallery images that you would like to submit for consideration? It's easy, just choose the Edit option on your image page, and the option to Allow image to be used in Renderosity advertising will now be available to you. Just check the box and hit the Save Image button. Feel free to do this for as many images as you like!

We welcome images from all galleries - 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave, Poser, Blender and every other. Using your work will show everyone in the industry that some of the best artists in the world call Renderosity home.

Have any questions? Feel free to email JasonK, the Marketing Manager, at He will be happy to help you in any way possible.

There is also a new advisory flag on the gallery upload page. This is to be used if your image title or notes needs a language advisory.

Thank you for helping make Renderosity one of the largest digital art communities on the web. We look forward to showcasing your work!

Image credits for the header include: CTA, anewman, skynet3020, Sandkat & frymarkdesign.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


What is "Renderosity advertising"

Anything that promotes Renderosity externally. This could be website banner ads, postcards, magazine ads and the like.



Will you be selling anything with my image?

We will NOT be selling anything that has your submitted image (such as t-shirts, branded merchandise, etc). This will be strictly for external promotion.



How do I participate? What does it cost?

You pay nothing. All you have to do is go to an image page that you want to submit, select Edit and then select Allow image to be used in Renderosity advertising box. If you are uploading the image for the first time this option will be available to you on the upload form.



Do I have to submit my whole gallery?

No, you can submit whatever image(s) you like out of your gallery. Submission of the entire gallery is not required.



How will I know if you used my image?

We will contact you via the email address on your Renderosity account (so make sure it's up to date). Also, we will provide (if possible) a copy of the final piece for your portfolio.



How am I going to receive credit for the image used?

Credit will be provided with Artist: [your username] on the finished piece, so that it is easy for people interested in your work to find your gallery on Renderosity.



Can I remove any of my images from consideration if I have already checked the Allow box for them?

Yes. You can edit your image to remove the option for us to use the image. Please keep in mind that images may be used before the option was changed.



How do you choose which images are used for promotional materials?

Normally, whenever we have a particular need or theme, we will search the Galleries for images that fit the theme that we are going for. Our method of searching can change from time to time, based on our needs at that time.