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Thanksgiving is over, but the giving isn't!

We have some plans to make this December the biggest ever at Renderosity, and to help get the holiday shopping season off to a big start, we are giving a gift to you! Starting December 1st, every Renderosity member is now part of the Render Rewards program. This means that in any month you spend more than $100 dollars in the Renderosity MarketPlace, you will get a 5% payback on all your purchases for the next month! At the first of every month you qualify you will receive a Gift Certificate for your payback amount that you can use immediately.

Don't worry about signing up for anything or keeping track of your purchases - we do all of that for you, for free! Gift Certificates will be issued for the month following your purchases. For example, we will issue Gift Certificates on January 1st for all December purchases that qualify. See the example on the right for a more detailed explanation.

This holiday season, why not get a little back from all of your shopping? The program starts Monday, December 1st, and will become a regular perk for all customers at the Renderosity MarketPlace. So instead of spending your money to be part of some club, use your money to get rewarded - for free!

Of course, there are a few rules for the program. Any purchase in the MarketPlace qualifies for the program. Any order must be paid in full by the end of the month to be included in that month's purchase total. Any refunds or coupon discounts will not apply towards your purchase total. All rewards will be issued in the form of Renderosity MarketPlace Gift Certificates. Gift Certificates will expire thirty (30) days from date of issue, and they are non-transferable.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is the Render Rewards Program?

It's a program where we reward customers of the Renderosity MarketPlace that meet certain criteria by giving them a percentage of their monthly purchases back as a Gift Certificate.

I see the phrase 'total purchases' a lot. What does that even mean?

How much you have spent in the MarketPlace for a given month, from the first day of that month to the last. This includes any and all orders, so long as they have been paid in full by the end of the month.

Do I need to signup for this? How much is it?

There is NO signup required, and there are NO fees to be a part of the program. If you're a Renderosity member, you are in! It's that simple.

How do I get a payback?

If your total purchases exceeds $100 for a given month, you will be given 5% of your total purchases back in the form of a gift certificate. Rewards are paid out on the first of every month

I spent $99 this month. Do I get a Reward?

No. Your total purchases must be $100 or more for you to qualify for a Reward.

I just bought a product that listed for $20, but had a $5 off coupon. How much goes towards my 'total purchases'?

Since you actually spent $15, the $15 will be what is reported on your 'total purchases'.

Does the Reward Gift Certificate expire?

Gift Certificates issued as Render Rewards will expire 30 days from issue.

I spent over $100 this month. When do I get my Render Rewards?

The first day of the very next month.

Member Opinions:
By: jakiblue on 12/1/08
this is quite interesting! i like the idea of payback vouchers!! :) and this is an ongoing thing, not JUST for december??

By: ajmarti on 12/1/08
Ho! Ho! Ho! i WILL take advantage of that 50%... It's Christmas time Rendo!! Thanks so much!!

By: Debbie M. on 12/1/08
Hi jakiblue, the Render Rewards program is an ongoing thing, it's just beginning in December.

Happy Shopping!

By: mhicks on 12/1/08
while I like the idea of payback vouchers... there are those of us that can't afford to spend $100 at any month during the year on things. So... we're left out in the cold.

By: Kassie on 12/1/08
This is a great bonus for all of us here..
Thanks so much

By: Ghostpanther on 12/1/08
It's really a pity, that it is only for people, who can spend a lot, and not for everybody.

By: twingo on 12/1/08
I agree with Ghostpanther, not everybody can spent $100 in a month.
This is only for the fortunate few.

By: arcebus on 12/1/08
I understood it.
And I'd rather be JasonK than PrestonW
- nothing personal, PrestonW... ;-}
Also, this is an invitation to Jason to spend his 600 bucks this month at my store.

By: Shalimar-Cherie on 12/1/08
Hm... i am not so sure if this is the best idea ? 5% of $100 ... each Month ...
I presumably wrote what many think .. and wont tell .......

By: -Wolfie- on 12/1/08
This is a great idea! I am glad to hear that our purchases will count the total sales for the entire month, and not just in one shot! Way to go RO!

By: freekmunkee on 12/1/08
I like the idea, but $100 is kind of high... It really seems to work best for pros, or those who don't have things like bills, kids, etc! :) I don't see me getting any rewards... but I am gonna take advantage of the 50% deal! :)

By: Silke on 12/1/08
I have never, and will never, spend $100 to get $5 back, sorry.

By: WyndWalker on 12/1/08
Darn, I spent over $100 in November. I should have waited.

By: scooby37 on 12/1/08
It seems that the rich people that can afford to spend $100 will remain rich, because they will in effect get a discount. But the people that are poor and can't will get nothing. I can only see this encouraging piracy on a grander scale than is already the case.

By: SuSoleil on 12/1/08
I appreciate the thought, but the fact is ... $100 is a bit high. It really will only benefit a fortunate few, and will do nothing to encourage the rest of us -- who REALLY need the discount. But yeah, congratulations to those who can afford it.

By: MichaelAngelis on 12/1/08
OMG, OMG, OMG squeal!

By: Karistra on 12/1/08
I agree with those who have limited budgets. It would be nice to get 5% back on the total purchase each month without having to spend a certain amount. That might make me do most of my shopping here instead of at DAZ. :)

By: Belladzines on 12/1/08
Only 5%? ....

i dont spend $100 in the month lol ..... or any month for that matter ......

By: ladyplf on 12/1/08
This does not effect me at all because I have never and will never spend $100 here or anywhere for Poser stuff. I did not even spend that much on Poser 6 itself!

By: FLDesign on 12/2/08
??? $100 to get the 5% ???
That's real to much for me, i can't spend $100 each month.
What kind of customers do you have here? All Rockefellers?

By: donquixote on 12/2/08
I was sick yesterday and missed out on the 50% off. Naturally.

By: genefleeman on 12/2/08
50% off was a great idea.. I got $200 worth of stuff instead of the $100 I usually get and it still only cost me the $100 dollars .. NOW THAT was a good Deal... The 5% a month for over the $100 doesn't even give back enough to buy something in the store generally speaking but at least you all are trying..

By: heatherlee7292 on 12/2/08
I would have preferred the 50% voucher to be good for more than one day, ie a one time use during the month of December, the $100.00 having to be spent in order to get $5.00 is kinda steep for most people, and I can save more than $5.00 per month if I shop around and just get stuff on sale from various vendors and sites. For myself nothing here to get excited or hyped up about.

By: DocHaze on 12/2/08
Thanks Renderosity.

By: Sivana on 12/2/08
I also think that 100 Dollars are too much to get only 5 Dollar back. Payback with "Clubmembership" is really cheaper. Boys, there is a worldwide depression and if it going on nobody is abel to spent 50 Dollars anymore.

By: Giolon on 12/3/08
Setting the threshold to $100 a month puts this rewards program squarely out of my league. My monthly budget is $30 of rendering "goodies". Sometimes I'm naughty and go over, but it usually takes a coupon.

I understand that someone at Renderosity did the financial calculations and figured out how much to give back and at what level and still keep the site profitable, but I do not find this a big motivating factor to buy more. I can save more money by simply buying at item on any random Renderosity 10%-off coupon week.

By: Klutz on 12/3/08
Not impressed. Something like Daz's Platinum Club would have been more use to everybody. Not just those who have a large budget.

By: DarkRider on 12/3/08
This is no big thing. If there's a waiver, tell me where to sign it and you can save your CPU ticks. I don't spend more than $30 or so a month here. Now, for the first time, you won't be my first shopping stop.

By: PhilW on 12/3/08
People shouldn't grumble - it's something for nothing, right! Even if you never spend $100 in the month, you haven't lost anything, and if in the odd month your spend totals more than $100, you get something back - thanks Rendo!

By: Skydancer917 on 12/3/08
Not a bad idea IF you can afford $100 a month just to express your talent and do something FUN! I, however, couldn't even take advantage of the 50% off coupon because I couldn't afford to spend $25. I, as well as several others I'm guessing, am on a very fixed, very limited income now. So far, I have been able to keep my internet connection and membership at another location for $7.95 per month AND receive a $5.00 voucher. As with all of your per cent off coupons you must purchase a set amount (at least $15 but ususally $25-$30 which is more than I can afford) in order to take advantage of it. I know life is a little bit different down there in Tennesseeland but here in the Motor City, we're hurtin. As I said at the beginning...great idea...and it might even increase your sales and cost you nothing!

By: kathym on 12/3/08
Would be nice if all purchases for the year qualified.

By: cyberpapy on 12/3/08
I agree with above. For us, Europeans, dollar is climbing and 100$ are not peanuts. Be more democratic and social and give to everyone, even once a month, the opportunity to buy some wished items with 50% back. THIS would be a gift! Nevertheless, I like Renderosity!

By: timefighter on 12/3/08

You have to spend $100 to get $5. That is a ripoff. I for one (and like many others) can not afford to spend $100 a month on 3D stuff. This program is only for "HighEnd" customers. To truly be a program for everyone, it should be awarded for any purchase no matter how small or large. Do not get me is great that you are offering a bounce-back reward...but make it fair to everyone. I think it should be setup on a percentage basis that the more you spend, the more you get back. Start a 5% and go up to 25% when you spend "X" amount of dollars in any given month.

Just a thought....

By: stardust on 12/3/08
Does someone really think that we will get excited about spending $100 to get $5 back????
Try again Renderosity!

By: Drkwlf92 on 12/3/08
Ok...since many others feel the same way I do on this, I am not alone saying that this seems rather unfair for those who are still spending their hard earned money, and not getting anything in return, no matter how high or low the amount is. I speant about almost $378 on DAZ the other month, and still got a voucher back for 191.80 for their rewards special they were having. Sorry, but this is not a deal to me. But I thank you for the 50% off coupon though.

By: elena_c on 12/4/08
I'm in the same boat as those who can't or won't shell out 100 bucks for content each month, so this program won't get me any reward. But thanks anyway, and more power to those who can make use of it.

By: zerokenshiro on 12/5/08
$100 per month is indeed quite too much for most of us.

I do wish renderosity improves on the "Auto checking if I am repurchasing an Item I've previously purchased" Last time I checked this was null. Same thing when adding a previously purchased item on my wishlist. I would still purchase alot from this site but this promotion does not seem to entice me a lot.

By: tsarist on 12/5/08
Wow. A lot of other people has said it, but this "spend $100, get $5" thing isn't really much of a help. I can appreciate having tiers, but $100 is just too much.

I have spent more than $100 here, but did so only when there was a sale and I had a coupon.

Timefighter had an excellent idea about having the amount saved based on a percentage of no matter how much is spent.

DAZ has some great sales and a TON of items priced to sell. I spent a bankroll (my pocket is hurting really bad now) at their last sale, but they made it worthwhile.

Thanks for trying to make things easier for us artists, but try to remember disposable income is tight for some these days.

By: SpikesGirl on 12/6/08
This is an excellent deal and spending $100 here sure wouldn't take very long to do because Renderosity has great products. But not many can just spend $100.00 at any given time. This is a great deal for those who are financially sound but I don't think I'll be able to use this deal, now or down the road. For those who can afford it happy shopping.

By: Qbahl on 12/6/08
This is more for you than us. It's a good way to increase profit. I'm sorry, but this isn't a deal. Classic deals or a club membership would have been more appropriate. If I'm going to spend $100.00 it will be on my kid, not my hobby. Thanks, but no thanks. I did appreciate the 50% coupon, I'm grateful for that. It was a nice surprise.

By: already_taken on 12/7/08
I don't understand what all the belly aching is about. It isn't as though there is a 5% penalty being applied to those who don't spend $100 in a month. Ok, it would be nice to have a discount for all purchases, but Renderosity has to pay its bills just like the rest of us.

By: misthemes on 12/7/08
Your idea of 5 % of discounts is very nice but it will be those who have many money that will be happy. Would the poorest be less interesting for Rendosity? It is perhaps once again the hard law of business... However be very thanked for your initiative.
I hope you will understand my bad English, sorry.

By: Drkwlf92 on 12/7/08
For already_taken, we know Renderosity has bills to pay, as do many of us. But people are expresing the fact that they are not seeing how they are being rewarded for getting $5 back for every $100 they spend. Its the buyers and Vendors who keep sites like this one going, and a deal like this really does not show much appreciation to its fans. I will still purchase from here, but not going to spend more just to get a %5 discount for blowing $100 every month. So do not condemn people for voicing their opinion, maybe you can afford that much, if so, more power to you.

By: Angelsinger on 12/7/08
It's a very nice idea, thank you for it, Renderosity! But there is virtually no incentive to spend $100 for a measly $5...

If a person can afford to spend so much on your content in a month, why not *TRULY* reward them? I love you, Rendo, but surely you can do MUCH better! :\

By: SickenlySweete on 12/7/08
as i can only spend under 25.oo a month i always end up somewhere else, as i can't use the offered coupons given out here this is a no good for me..

By: Isyl on 12/7/08
It's not belly aching, it's the truth! The majority of customers can not afford $100 a month, and just for a $5 coupon. It would be more useful if you could be rewarded a certain percentage depending how much you spent for that month. The more you spend the higher the rewards are. I love Renderosity and love to shop here but this is not useful to most customers.

By: JeniferC on 12/9/08
Thanks you for your opinions and feedback. I hope everyone can understand that this is a new program for Renderosity, and we will likely have special reward offers that vary. With that said, I would like to explain a little about how we determined the details of our RenderRewards.

We spent quite a bit of time looking over the other popular reward programs that are out there; like credit card companies, online stores and in brick and mortar stores. Most reward programs we reviewed give back 1% or 2% and a buyer has to make several hundred dollars in purchases in order to receive a reward. So, we figured 5% is more than double the average reward program. We even found some programs that require a person to buy a membership just to receive a discount on purchases, or have restrictions on how the reward can be used. RenderRewards does not have a charge, have restrictions on your Reward purchases, or have a reduced value depending on what items you want to get with your Reward.

I also wanted to make sure everyone understands that reward programs in general are about rewarding frequent buyers that shop in one place. We have several hundreds of buyers that will qualify monthly for our RenderRewards, and our projections are that we will be giving back several thousands of dollars each month.

Overall, I think our RenderRewards is off to a good start, and we will look at ways to improve the program in the future. We will still have other special offers just like we have in the past, and the $100 minimum isn’t set in stone. Our RenderRewards system is flexible enough to vary the amounts occasionally.

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