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Chat is Back at Renderosity!

It's time to get back to chat - the new and improved Renderosity Chat is now live!

Mutliple rooms await you and the thousands of other members that are on the site each day. Exchange images with friends, stay current on Renderosity features, find out about sales and specials in the MarketPlace, or just stop in and say hi!

The chat function here at Renderosity has undergone some major changes to make for a better user experience, and now it is time for you to jump into the conversation! Chat is easy to use, and has lots of great features, including:


In addition to the features above, you will also have your basic chat options such as sound effects, emoticons and text editing. You will also have the ability to whisper to other chat members as well as disable auto scrolling for easy reading of earlier posts.

You can access Renderosity Chat under the Features section on the main navigation bar. The actual chat window will open in a new window, so make sure you have your popup blocker set to allow the window to open. Your Rendersosity login will work for the chat session, which means no separate login. Just open up chat and get started!

Renderosity Chat is subject to the same Terms of Service as the rest of the site. We hope that you try and keep the topics of conversation upbeat, so as to make Renderosity a fun and inviting place for all members!

Renderosity Chat is optimized for Internet Explorer 7 or later and Firefox 3 or later.

Questions or problems concerning Renderosity Chat? Email

Now get back into Renderosity Chat and get the conversation started!

Here is a short list of the controls within chat and what they do.

Emoticons: Choose between multiple "smilies" to insert into your chat message.

Ring Bell: Rings a bell to grab everyone's attention.

Text Style: Change the font, color and size of your text.

Avatars: Update your look by choosing one of several pre-designed avatars.

Sounds: Use different sound effects, or disable sounds completely.

Games: Play one of several preloaded flash games. Opens in a new window.

Image Share: Upload an image to share with the group! GIF or JPEG only.

Transcripts: Load your chat transcript into a new browser window.

Help: Opens the help file in a new browser window.

View Profile: Click on a member's name to view their profile in a new browser window.

Whisper: Enter a username to whisper with them. To return to regular chat, remove the username from the box.

Member Opinions:
By: IO4 on 2/11/09
It's great to see this feature back!:)

By: Debbie M. on 2/11/09
LOVES it!!! now how much work can I get done and STILL play the cool games? *LOL*

By: Odrah on 2/11/09
hurrahs to renderosity! let me shout!!! in the middle of the hugest economic crisis in decades, this site rules...paradigmatic! i am proud of the work done by the administrators and all the folks responsible for this amazing
site!!! thanx!!!!!!!

By: DigitalDreamsDS on 2/11/09
AWESOME! I have been waiting for chat to come back!

By: Kinouk on 2/11/09
Cool!! This will be fun :)

By: Winterclaw on 2/11/09
I'm on it now. It needs to keep a few more lines in memory before sending them to the transcripts. Also it sometimes flashes black when someone says something (FF user here).

By: Lakotariver on 2/11/09
This is Fantastic. Now we can shair ideas and get to know one another.
This is going to be very popular.
Smiles to all my Artistic Friends

By: evilsasha on 2/12/09
great.. so I can try to devolep my english in chat..ahahah... no, it's a great idea for contact and meet members of this forum... well done.


By: NemesisT on 2/12/09
Omg! Now I will never get anything done!
I'm loving the new chat :)

By: Moebius87 on 2/14/09
Good to see this feature back... and it's a lot more like the old days (but better) about 3-6 years ago. Also great to see some old friends in there again.

By: skyeryder2 on 2/16/09
sounds cool. for those of us who are really new to digital trendering and the art programs, this will be great, and invaluable!

By: KuzMich on 2/17/09
Привет, народ! Поздравляю с новым чатом! Желаю всем удачи и творческих успехов!:)
Hello, people! Congratulations to the new chat! I wish you all good luck and success:)

By: fire_starr on 2/17/09
I love this site

By: eddyruiz on 2/22/09

By: mzlele09 on 2/23/09

By: misty123 on 2/27/09
iam new to this, how does it all work??

By: akura_ on 1/27/10
oh wooow. this is such a great idea guys =) what do i have to do?

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