Gallery Improvements

Renderosity Gallery Improvements

Renderosity is excited to introduce a brand new look for our Gallery Section.

The most recent undertaking by the programming crew at Renderosity has resulted in a fresher look more consistent with the rest of the site. With showcasing all the beautiful artwork in mind, the first thing you may notice is larger thumbnail images that will allow users a more detailed preview of a particular piece before clicking on the image.

From an artist's perspective, those who post images will now have the ability to organize their collection into Albums so as to make specific works easier to find by their loyal followers.

To help encourage the ‘community’ feel we provide our users, this new Gallery format will allow artists who post images the opportunity to directly converse with fellow members who comment on their work. Renderosity has also added a little something for the Social Media lover in all of us by placing a Facebook 'Like' button on each gallery page.


Come take a look around at the new and improved Renderosity Gallery!

Member Opinions:
By: RodS on 8/20/13
I like it! I think it looks good, and it seems to be faster as well! Keep up the good work! And thanks soooo much for the larger text boxes!

Now, can we get a teeny-weeny bit larger file size than 512K.. Pleeeeeze.... :-D

By: -BrandyE- on 8/20/13
love the new look and features!

By: bebopdlx on 8/20/13
Well, I liked the other one, I had just learned it.
Now, again it is changed.

By: Raages on 8/21/13
Great improvements.
Now I can create an album for my pictures. I can connect an image to that album, but how can I view my album??????

By: Pierrot_Lunaire on 8/21/13
I like it!

By: doarte on 8/21/13
It is very confusing, I liked the previous format, but will adapt.

By: K_T_Ong on 8/21/13
Sounds good!

Yes, can we get a bit larger than 512K... Pleeeease... :D

By: caty77 on 8/21/13
I wish I could remove the facebook button. I hope it is possible, as before?

By: renecyberdoc on 8/21/13
yeah looks good to me and it might even be faster pls handle the 512 kb limit. at least for paying members.

By: mikeerson on 8/21/13
ya know, there is always good with bad.... this all sounds good, but I'm already overwhelmed with postings here AND AT FACEBOOK... this article just told me I'm going to get a hell of a lot more emails from FACEBOOK... Do you realize what you've just done????


Is offer OPTIONS!!! cause right now, I'm really thinking of closing my fb account because of this - and the whole reason I go to fb is to keep in touch with my family and friends = NOT TO LOOK AT ART - THAT IS WHY I COME HERE.

By: brewgirlca on 8/21/13
Please bring back the white text on a dark background - just like you have here. So much white is blinding me. Can you also increase the font size on the thumbs; I can see older folks not being able to read them?

By: mininessie on 8/21/13
not so bad ...but the comments are is too bright...perhaps a soft grey would be better for our eyes please!

By: P3D-Art on 8/21/13
I would love to know if there's new sizes involved?
Meaning the pixels of thumb and the pixel size of the large preview?

By: AureliusdeMercoeur on 8/21/13
It's interesting to allow us to create albums and put our pictures into different categories. I think a dark background for the text ( and for the full size picture ) is better than a bright !!! More than 512kb for the picture would be good too !!

By: efron_241 on 8/21/13
it is amazing

By: helanker on 8/21/13
So we can create albums? I sure would like to do that, at it would be much easier to find our pictures, BUT....Does that mean, we also can decide what genre we want our picture to be in, without being corrected? I mean, can we decide the names of our albums ourselves??

By: Lyne on 8/21/13
LOL! tiny box HERE to reply in, but you got a larger proper box to comment in, in the galleries now... that's good! :)
BUT is there any way to make the artist's (commentors) NAME/link in a color that we can SEE better, rather than light blue on white? and have it more prominent? I normally use the commentor's name to go to their gallery... and lastly if there is a way to tone down the glaring, blinding white of your new text boxes, that would be helpful...I know this new look makes the galleries "match" the look of the website overall...but it's really NOT easy on the eyeballs, nor is it "pretty" or artistic's so plain...I still long for the format before these crazy changes. Thank you for listening.

By: lisalisette on 8/21/13
I liked the old one more.. All that white is hurting my eyes.. and I don't have the album option, so I think that is only for the paying people. !

By: mytheos on 8/21/13
cool .. thanks for the improvements

i second the request for larger file size on at least the primary image.
but even the thumbnail image ... especially now that it's bigger

By: Digital_Mischief on 8/21/13
Don't like the white background with black text.- hard to read. The white on grey is much easier to read. Tand and blue text don't work well. Either bold them or use a different font.

By: bobm on 8/21/13
On my computer the spaces are blank where the thumbnail images are supposed to be. I do get the full-sized image after clicking on the blank space. What settings have to be changed in Firefox?

By: DocMikeB on 8/21/13
Sorry, but the previous style was a lot better. This one looks like Tumblr. The comments area is too big and the white is too bright and tiresome for eyes.
I know... you tried to match the galleries to the look of the other parts of the site, but - no offense is intended - the result is quite disappointing.

By: myrrhluz on 8/21/13
I like some things and don't like others.
1. Don't like the white of the text boxes. It's too bright.
2. I don't like that the next and previous tabs takes me out of the gallery that I am in. I don't see a way to go from post to post of the same gallery without going back a page. I found the way they were before convenient when I'm reading a story or seeing which image I want to comment on. I can see the usefulness of it as it is set up now, for browsing (provided you want to see everything from all the galleries) but it would be nice to have an option to stay in the gallery I am currently in.
1. I like being able to make albums. I tried it and it worked well.
2. I like that you can answer a comment directly below it. Does this send a message to the person making the comment?
3. I like the bigger thumbnail.
4. I like the larger comment box.

By: Windigo on 8/22/13
Nice box sizes, overly bright, actually hurts to look at it and very distracting to look at keyboard to type! Overall much nicer but actually distracts from the experience of being part of an artistic community! You also wiped out a large group of work in the writers gallery, hope you have backups and can resolve that!

By: mikeerson on 8/22/13
I've been here 7 years and this last year you've done soooooooo many changes to the site that was just fine.... I just went to my gallery - I don't like it.... The comments seem "spaced" out and the avatars are smaller..... and there are blue and green boxes everywhere.... and let's not forget you made the page bright white - MY EYES CAN'T HANDLE IT - AND READING THE OTHER COMMENTS ON THIS PAGE OTHERS CAN'T HANDLE IT EITHER. for those of us that are on the computer most of the day, this BRIGHT WHITE PAGE HAS GOT TO GO.... but, you Mods have it set in your mind this is an "IMPROVEMENT" - it's not..... NO WONDER WHY SO MANY OF US THAT USE TO COME HERE DAILY ARE NOT HERE - WE WANT TO SAVE OUR EYES - You really aught to listen to the complaints here - THIS IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT, YOU'RE RUINING A WEBSITE THAT WE ALL LOVE TO COME TOO..... These changes you've made are like when cops show up at a party - EVERYONE LEAVES - IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT???

By: 2nd_World on 8/22/13
It looks great!! Though the white background, especially when viewing an image full size distracts from the image. Mid grey whould be a lot better.

By: efron_241 on 8/22/13
what is not so good is the prominent feature "delete my gallery" it should not be there, or in sevaral languages.. I already did it once because of language mistakes.

many do not understand english and will use the red button

By: KarmaSong on 8/22/13
I've been a member of Renderosity for quite some years now, and this new layout is for me the worst and ugliest of all those previously created to make Renderosity a pleasant and artistic site to visitors or future members , not to mention the current artists and members.
-Is it an improvement for the artist or visitor when they have to click twice instead of once to get access to the current and usual display of a photo or image? now it is impossible to have direct access to any member's current picture in the usual one click , except from the menu ' what's new' .

- Is it an improvement when the usual size of presentation of the current photo or picture of the artist has now been reduced in comparison with the former layout, in which the size was considerably bigger and more pleasant to look at ? ( not to mention the possibility of getting the 'full size' format which is maybe the only 'improvement' that has not been altered at all with this new layout ...improvements)

-Is it a new improvement when the comments of the visitors appear in light grey over a white background? this is the best way to ruin one's eyesight, in my opinion !

-is it an improvement when you are in your homepage, and if you click on 'gallery' , you get access to a summary of your 'featured image' and 'summary' in which the advertisement scrolled menu on the right overlaps the vision of a part of your works?

-Is it a new improvement when, what you call the possibility of creating 'albums' is actually reduced to the minimum, that is to say, if you don't have a skill in html programming, as it is the case for most artists here, there's no way you' ll be able to create your own 'albums' ? This 'album'-dedicated page (or pages) you may create are simply a blank and usual web page to be created....provided that you know how to write in html ...Where's the improvement if you don't know how to write in html ???

-Is it a new improvement, when you don't have any longer an overall and synthetic view of the people commenting on your current image as it was the case in the previous layout ? Now the
- Is it a new improvement when the 'merchandising' aspect to the site has now taken over from the former and artistic aspect to every member's gallery presentation page? I remember the time when the artist had the feeling that he or she was managing things in his or her gallery.

Previously , the links or threads to the commercial pages of the site were present , though discreet in the artist's presentation page. If you were interested in buying products, it was easy to do it but on dedicated pages with appropriate links or threads. Now , the distribution surface of the pages of the site, even in what is artistic and a source of enjoyment for the artist , is invaded by threads and advertisements. There isn't any longer a separation between the artistic site and the commercial site, and it is plain to see that the commercial aspect is slowly but surely taking over from the personal pages and galleries of the artists.
From the photographer's or artist's point of view, is it an improvement to see bigger thumbnails, bigger thread spacing and a smaller size for your original works ?
I fully understand that Renderosity needs some financing to live on, but the shrinking of the space reserved to the artists, sizewise and picturewise, is for me a cause for concern, not as a merchant, but as a member of a community in which this new layout makes me feel more estranged than ever before.

By: photogmark on 8/22/13
Mixed. Change is good comes with bumps. blue on dark grey is nearly impossible to read on my hi rez monitor. I can't find my stats, which I really enjoyed. I find the image thumbnail layout takes up to much space so I am scrolling more, clicking more. I find it takes me longer to get places. Doing nudes, not a fan of facebook like, that button also puts my art into a realm where it can be stolen easier. It comes out of the protective Render community.

WE have change, your team generally has great vision, just find these bumps.

By: tennesseecowgirl on 8/22/13
Recently I have noticed the adds on the right side of images as you were trying to view them, and if you actually took the time to check out such things as details to things like shutter speed, ISO, f-stop that some artist include these are great learning tools and something that have helped me become a better photographer, those adds would cover most of that up or be so frustrating, those seem to be gone now so that is good. And I do like the fact that you can reply to your comments. Even though I am not sure how someone knows you did unless they take the time to constantly recheck. Some sites will give you a notification that someone replied to your comment.

As for the "New Look" frankly it sucks... this old dog does not like new tricks :)
well I am not really that old.. but I just don't like changes like this especially for something that already proved to work..

Thanks for your time.

By: Jean_C on 8/22/13
I do not like:
_ The size of thumbnails of artists was reduced on pages of comments
_ The ubiquitous white even with full size pictures!!!
_ The organization of pages: the texts written by the artist become unfound, drowned in the midst of various links, the "Details" window would be better 2 columns
_ The overall impression of disorder of this new page with a lot of different windows
_ In the comments, links to the artists are much smaller than useless icons like "Online Now"

I'd love to, but we must see
_ The ability to create albums, provided that it is simple and free

By: Leije on 8/22/13
Too much white color, too much empty spaces, the avatars and artists names are too small and the artist's artwork is no longer well presented ! don't forget that the artists who post images are also the buyers !

By: b-vone on 8/22/13
DAZ 3D Changed their site so many times I stopped going there. >>READ OTHER PEOPLES COMMENTS !! >Have an OPTION to "Go back to Old layout" for people.

By: b-vone on 8/22/13
Why are the "Details and Statistics" Section (A Giant White Block) LARGER than the Render I'm Posting !!??

By: virginiese on 8/22/13
It seems that a lot of members don't like the new layout and I must confess I belong to them too.
For example, why putting huge buttons, in the comments area when a discreet link would be enough.
I also find that the advertisements are more and more visible with the last layouts.You need to scroll down a whole screen page with the advertisements and the navigation tools before seeing the artist's image.
There are 4 toolbars !!! It's maybe too much...
Well, this layout is certainly a good start but need some improvements.

By: 3DGuy on 8/22/13
The design of this site is getting worse with every itteration. This site is supposed to about the artwork.. yes? Then why is it when clicking an image all you see is the HUGE header and menu bars. The artwork that its all about is just peaking it's head at the bottom of my 1920x1200px screen. On a 1920x1080 screen it's even worse!

By: Savage_dragon on 8/22/13
I do like most of the changes, except for the hard on the eyes 'comment whites'. Its also hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Its a bit less classy, too.
Other than that, looking good!

By: helanker on 8/22/13
You say we can create albums, but HOW TO add our ALREADY Posted images to these albums. I have no use of albums with only half my images in there. As it is now, we muct create an album, before we uploade an image to it. if not, it just cant go into any album? Not pretty smart, is it?
And how do I find my albums... I dont see any place where they should be?

By: caty77 on 8/22/13
I come back to comment on the 'news' of galleries.
I do not like the duty of the fb button; everyone does not want to be on the network (which I hate). So, I removed some writings, and I wonder if the images that go with them are not going to go too.
In addition, the white color, many people have complained about in recent months. Even when we do not have too many problems in the eyes, it is embarrassing. As a bonus, when the background was dark, some artists have written in bright colors (like green apple). Now their old comments are unreadable!
The details panel is huge, with a big gap on the right. Why? They were very good at their old location.
The zoom, add artist buttons ... were better placed before the center of the screen. But it was necessary to stick to fb button, probably ... And they were also more visible with their old colors.
Why are the names of the artists under their comments, and not above? And why the names are smaller than the comment date? This does not make sense.
I also liked the opportunity to see when an image has been posted by simply passing the mouse over it. Now you need to click on the eye, a button that serves no purpose at once.

In short, the old layout was better.
The only positive point is the possibility of making albums, which does not seem too complicated.

By: mgtcs on 8/22/13
Since I have been traveling for the past six weeks, as well as being incredibly busy, I have not had the opportunity to see what has been happening around here, but now that I do, i feel that I must speak out.

I have been a member of RR for some time now and have seen a certain number of changes that have been made throughout the years. Though, as a rule, I appreciate efforts for innovation and improvement, I must say that, so far, most or all the changes I have seen have been for the worst. This is particularly true for the latest design and interface implementations.

There are many things to be pointed out that have been worsened, with some of the main ones being:

- Huge and numerous menu/navigation bars that consume an absurdly large portion of the screen on a standard 1366 x 768 display, to the point that they are the only thing one sees without scrolling down when one enters a gallery;

- Banners and ads that are too large and poorly located, which, along with exaggerated spacing, occupies even more screen real estate and are not aesthetic at all;

- The intensive use of white and light gray all over that hurt the eyes and is not appealing at all;

- The author's photo/avatar does not show up on the first page of the gallery anymore, at least not by default (haven't had the opportunity to see if there is a configuration change for that);

- The pages for each artwork use too much of the vertical dimension and too little of the horizontal one, forcing one to vertically scroll much more than would have been necessary, which is impractical as well as aesthetically displeasing.

In my opinion, it is urgently necessary to:

- Use darker colors and all over, with the original dark blue and black color scheme from a while back being perfect, though any reasonably coherent dark pallet will do;

- Rethink the whole size and spacial distribution thing with the goal of reclaiming the vast amounts of wasted space and minimizing the need for scrolling in standard 1366 x 768 displays;

- Make the author's photo/avatar display by default in all parts of the gallery.

As things stand right now, the whole site was much better circa 2008 than it is right now. In fact, I think that if RR had been launched initially with the current interface, it would never have been nearly as successful.

By: blinkings on 8/22/13
Now that I have tried out these white pages, I can say that they are hurting my eyes. I can actually feel myself squinting, which TOTALLY ruins the fun of browsing the site. I am now wearing sunglasses to read the comments, and then I lift them up to see the photos. Please fix it. I will not be able to stay here if I have to look at this everyday.

Thank you.


By: helanker on 8/23/13
Yes, the grey color is better. I assume, why you didnt make it even darker, maybe was because you would have to change the text colors too. But I would so love to get rid of the big ugly white screeming copyright box included the little white facebook boxes (no need for a facebook box there) and the other little link boxes. Why do they need to be so screeming white...and why are they not in one line?.. Another waste of space. We can read, so we know what each link means, so we dont need to have it in their OWN lines.

Same with Details, Statistic and Photograph They could easily stay in one line too. It would fill 1/3 space. How about that?
The less waste of space, the less scrolling for everybody.

By: Bossie_Boots on 8/23/13
I like the new look very much, it now looks like an art site and not a come comment and favour site, it has made me think about posting here again.
I agree though with hard on the eyes whites but I'm sure that will get sorted as before.
Well done from me thank you.

Lou !!

By: StuartB on 8/23/13
Sorry to say I am another one that doesn't like the new style. I don't think the new style is an improvement, an upgrade but not an improvement. I have just been through loads of artists pages and can't find a Facebook button anywhere. Also found it a bit hard on the eyes. In the box to leave comments for images the bit that says "Both critical and non-critical comments are welcomed."
is almost invisible, light blue on grey is not a good combination.

By: Savage_dragon on 8/23/13
Thank you for the new gray boxes! I can see again. :)
And I love the new thumbnail sizes. Great job, guys!

By: Adobe_One_Kenobi on 8/23/13
You need to address the issue of the quasi mandatory sharing button. I have a facebook button on my uploads which I do not want there, furthermore to this, my partner uses said site, and does not have the button. Which is it to be one law for America, and another for Europe? I see this on every image I open, even on my partners image, but she does not see it on her own images, and on mine either, but images I open have it there? Why at upload is there an option to share which I fervently decline to check, and yet here I have a mandatory share button? Can you please make this an option and not a mandatory thing.

By: rainbows on 8/24/13
I do not like the changes. Particularly the members comments being in light boxes. Please listen to Karma Song. He knows what he is talking about. Hugs. Di. xx

By: DMFW on 8/24/13
Like the idea of creating my own albums and I can see how to add existing work to them but I have the same question as Raages above... How do you view the art in an album?

By: Turtle on 8/24/13
Notice the gray, very nice. I don't like any links to facebook, etc,but I just won't use them. So that is not really a problem. I think the changes are very good. Speaking for myself I think this is a big improvement, Thank you.

By: DMFW on 8/25/13
Ok, I have found how to view the contents of an album using the search function to view by artist and entering my own ID.

I love the idea of albums. Since I like to create sequential stories, the album is a great way to pull together the related images in order so viewers have an easy way of reading it as intended without getting distracted by unrelated images I might happen to post in between.

I have got quite a few thoughts/observations on using albums so far, though, so here goes!

Firstly, it would be good if you could view your own albums in the same way from within the "my gallery" function as you can from the artist option both for consistency and since that is the natural place you expect to see your own albums. Hopefully that is just a minor extension to the new function that can easily be added at some point.

I suspect that the forward and back options in images is not yet working as intended. Within an album the natural expectation would be that these would take you to the next image within that album (just as it does when you are browsing a user's gallery) but instead they just drop you into the general galleries. I imagine this is just a bug?

Two other more minor bug reports that I'm personally less worried about. It doesn't seem possible to edit an album name after you have added it. The edit function has no confirmation button and the create button just creates a second album (I am also not sure what the priority number means).

Finally I've noticed an odd quirk in editing old images, where if the text has a single quote (and possibly some other characters) it is corrupted in the editor to a bizarre string of question marks and unprintable block characters which are then saved back again. To be sure the text is OK you have to re-edit it before saving which is a bit of a pain (though probably I am the only person who will ever complain about this, just because I am sometimes posting a lot of text with my images and am now re-editing to add to albums)

Like the thinking on the changes and if some or all of the points I mentioned here could be fixed that would be fantastic!

By: shonsu on 8/25/13
Here's another member who doesn't like the changes. It is a complete turnaround from the old and in my opinion, a head's up showing an example before the new gallery section was launched.. Also, I don't know why but I still have to upload Thumbnails which had the old max/min size and less than 15K.

By: mgtcs on 8/26/13
Where is my comment? I put a comment and it just disappeared!!! Is there some other page I am not aware of that to where my post might have been bumped to?

By: KarmaSong on 8/27/13
I would very much like to know why my latest Bryce upload and and all the other photos in my gallery are shown in a smaller size than most other recent uploads where the right-hand side scrolling menu is at the far-right. In my gallery that menu takes up more space as it doesn't appear at the far-right of the web page. Thank you for giving me an explanation and/or making my web pages similar to all others here on this site.

By: swjkie100 on 8/27/13
While I do like that the site is finally starting to spruce up the look of our galleries, it is still about 15 years behind the competition. DeviantArt has a fantastic layout, and so does Flickr. I actually prefer the look of Flickr. Perhaps if this site were to offer something comparable to DeviantArt, Flickr, or even sites such as Facebook, Renderosity would attract a higher quality of submissions. I find it highly frustrating that I have to keep my upload size to 512k, and can only upload one piece a day. Sure, I could pay for premium access and get a whopping 3 uploads per day, but even that isn't enough. DeviantArt has recently implemented scheduled submissions. Flickr offeres 1 TERABYTE of storage, for free. Surely Renderosity can come up with something that the others don't offer, to be COMPETITIVE.

To those who don't like the new format: we are in the 21st century, people. Something has to be done to make this site look more attractive, in the very least. The Renderosity galleries are bland. At least the galleries have some resemblance of a social network and it's about time.

By: virginiese on 8/28/13
Hello again !
I'm sorry to complain again but nothing has been done with the navigation tools on the top of the page despite the fact that at least two peoples complain about it.
It is really annoying for an artistical site to see a full screen page with navigations tools and banners BEFORE seeing the artists artworks.
I think you should refere to mgtcs's and Karmasong's advices : they explain pretty well where the troubles are !

By: Savage_dragon on 8/30/13
I do like most of the new changes, except the zoom images are now smaller than actual size & do not look as well as they should. Why go to so much trouble if your work is only going to be 'optimized'?
I prefer the old black background on the zoom images as well. Other that that, great job!
Oh! and thanks for listening about the 'eye bleeding' white comment boxes.

By: Kattey on 8/31/13
I do not like the changes. The design seems to be made to appeal to mobile devices (buttons too big, layout is too clunky) and it looks very very awkward and unnecessary spread-out on desktop PC. I don't want my work to be shared in social network - most of galleries allow to "opt out" of those wasteful buttons but no, not Renderosity. Zoom doesn't work well. Statistics block is an extreme offender of wasting space, taking 25% of screen height most of which remains empty instead of compact block as it was before, Buttons and comment section are too big and clunky.

Instead of doing actual responsive design with thought-out ergonomics, Renderosity lazily stuck galleries in the least comfortable layout and left them like that. Bad job and wasteful change.

By: Kattey on 8/31/13
P.S. and advertisement in Renderosity galleries is the ugliest, most disruptive, most disgusting, least subtle thing I ever saw in any semi- or professional digital gallery.

By: IO4 on 9/2/13
I have to agree with some of the comment regarding the look of the galleries now. Compared to some other sites it really doens't look that good. I love Renderosity, but I think the team should really consider moving to new software to create a better overall site design.

By: IO4 on 9/2/13
I do like the ability to directly converse, that's a nice feature!:)

By: flavia49 on 9/3/13
I like it

By: GARAGELAND on 9/13/13

WHITE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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